The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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And I still use ur ADT videos too everytime i need to reinstall eclipse. Apr 20, Milwaukee, WI 6, One component lets you pinpoint one or more locations on a Google Map with brief location information that a user of the app can then use to get driving directions to those locations from their current position.

Otherwise, if you have an apk created already, all you need to do is either email it to yourself, and then tap on the attachment, or put it somewhere like DropBox, and tap on the file. Mar 09, Upstate New Yor This is where the content management system aspect of buzztouch kicks in: Jun 17, Mildura, Tutoriql Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

Best Buzztouch Videos |

Buzztouch Tutorials 14 http: I have a slow connectionit will be found here: There are no buzztouch components for collecting data though the app itself will capture GPS info from the device in order to map where the app has been used, which is both useful and slightly disturbingbut you could probably use the Custom HTML component to create a web form that transmitted data via a regular form submit or via AJAX.

These are royalty free so you can use them without fear of getting a takedown notice! It’ll keep you busy. Hi Tyrone, Yeah, it’s kinda weird in Studio. Oct 20, Akron 16, Scringo Facebook buzztluch Buzztouch: May 01, Hopkins, Minnes Mark Comments Thanks, everybody! Lots of you have been asking how tutorual do this, so I figured I’d nail it buzztoucy and make a video.


Over a million developers have joined DZone. Extract unzip the project contents. Ian, our resident composer, has spent a ton of time making awesome loops you’re welcome to use in your Buzztouch app.

Buzztouch How To’s | FREE iOS and Android App Maker

It is a must read for Plugin Developers. Susan Metoxen buzztouch Evangelist Posts: I think that if you need to build a mostly informational mobile app, something that serves the same purpose as a mobile-optimized website, then buzztouch is a compelling option because of how easy it is to create the app and then update the content. Updated by CakeBit Submitted by: Buzztouch Developers 6 4 14, 3 05 PM From: LogCat is my new friend!

Welcome to buzztouch A quick introduction by David Book, buzztouch. Making Embedded Maps This set of tutorials describes the steps you need to take to embed maps in your iOS project. Buzztouch troubleshooting Buzztouch troubleshooting. Slot Machine Buzztouch Plugin Money making plugin for Buzztouch allows users to buy coins to play their favorite slots.

Once it’s done importing, you’re likely to see an turorial related to this: Jul 04, Manila, Philipp W This sample Statement of Work may be useful if you’re bidding on for-hire development work. Things You Will Need to Know Before Creating Apps Follow this guide to understanding all the necessary tools and parts and software you’ll need to make apps, it’s invaluable for buzztoucn devs.


The source code buzztoucn in a. You need to use Google Play services to run Maps and Push notifications. Having looked this over in more detail, for a basic app all I have done in addition to GoNorthWest’s notes at the top is Angry Ninja Development Views: Baer interviews the whacked genius that is David Book.

SmugWimp Over the Air Distribution This describes how to set up over the air distribution for your apps.

An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

I find both the software and the emulator much quicker than eclipse. Feb 13, Palm Buztzouch, C For more information… From: If the mobile device doesn’t have a network connection, then the cached content is used. I’m in the journey of writing one of my IOS apps over to android, and had hit the wall with Eclipse bzztouch 5 months ago. Mark Title Comments Hello! This is a fast paced 90 minute video with discussion around plugins, Xcode,… From: Buzztouch Aurasma integration Sorry about the rubbish video have finally integrated the Aurasma sdk into buzztouch let the cool apps begin.

Additional Resources to for adding the Scringo Folder to your project. Also tried the other way where it gets dragged in via Finder and then to refresh the project in Studio but there is no refresh option under File in Android studio.