The Lost Saint by Bree Despain, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Dark Divine. from: $ #1. The Lost Saint. from: $ #2. The Savage Grace. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by Bree Despain. This sequel to The Dark Divine () falls into the classic Twilight patterns: a blank slate of a heroine and a reliance on sexual tension and.

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But that is to be expected from a second book – otherwise it would be a pretty sucky trilogy! Oct 24, Saiint rated it it was amazing.

If you like a good fiction book about supernaturals, love and adventures, then The Dark Divine series is teh you to read. There’s so many answers I need and I want to know what happens next. As with the previous bre, this novel took a little while for me to get into, particularly as I felt that the brre of April adds nothing to the story and she irritates me considerably.

And while sometimes, once I start to read a sequel, it will all come back to me, unfortunately it didn’t happen with this book. I liked how Don, Talbot and Gabriel as well as Caleb were all linked. Grace grows as a character, even though she faces some significant low points, and the mythology is expanded to show the reader how the wolf “claims” those with the curse.


However, I still had a lot of issues with it–mainly, with the characters. I did not review this book for content for The Literate Mother. Grace is lonely and that is bad. Surely we couldn’t go through a YA trilogy without a triangle!!!

The werewolfism I don’t care if it’s not a word – you know what I sainh in this series is so unique in lore to other werewolf books.

I also loved despzin there was so much turmoil with her and Daniel; it kept me constantly guessing. Both Grace and Daniel must face the ultimate test in the end.

The Lost Saint : Bree Despain :

More urban fantasy to me than paranormal romance, I reveled in the tension as Grace began training to take on all manner of devilry. The Dark Divine is Bree’s debut novel. The Dark Divine 2. Daniel is struggling with his own demons through out the book. We eventually find Jude.

The Lost Saint takes us on a fast ride of jealousy,betrayal, revenge, vulnerability, self revelation, redemption, and of course, unconditional love. Aug 08, Kaysi rated it liked it. Although an engaging follow-up to its prequel, The Dark DivineI have to say, I was a little bit disappointed by this book.

Of course, his “Alpha” had to come out at some point. Whilst nothing shocked me in this book If you were on the fence with the first book, this one will probably make you fall off into the pasture I picked up on the “true alpha” thing as soon as Gabriel mentioned it.


Bree certainly does a great job of the dialog and actions of teenagers. Now speaking of that – I wasn’t surprised when he said he was getting back some of his powers back Grace getting a phone call in the beginning telling her you can’t trust him, you think you can but you can’t.

The Lost Saint

After Grace receives a cryptic phone call from her brother, she knows what she must d Good but not as enjoyable as the first, 3. Daniel becoming the true alpa but now possibly being stuck as a wolf? The building desire and sensuality are comparable to Twilight’s Eclipse best of that lsotbut its best features are the captivating, memorable and well-paced storyline packed with well-developed relate-able characters, delivering a complex plot that’s not hard to follow but keeps you guessing from the edge of your seat.

The moment Talbot stepped into the story, “bad guy” alarm bells rang. The new boy in the book made for a great change.