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But none of them work. Derek and I asked at the same time. Men also seem to like the idea of suspension, but from the active side. And by the bye, my name is Julia.

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In several Greek States marriage was compulsoryand bachelors were fined.

The result can be an almost normal sexuallifeusually a limited onebut supplemented by psychoneurotic disease.

In my passion I have never been brutal, nor save under the influence of wine have I had connection with men over the age of puberty.

It was only once he’d accepted that it dawned on me that he might recognise Lucy in the morning.

She then told me she was at her period and that she had never had intercourse with a man before.

123 A summary of the conclusion of this book, of which but few copieswere printed, will be found in Hirschfeld’s Vierteljahrsberichte,October, 1911, pp. If you had taken a boy of 13 and given him all my conditions, bound him hand and foot, when you became afraid of him petted him into docility, and then placed him in the world and, while urging normal sexuality upon him on the one hand, made him disgusted with it on the other, what would have been the probable result?

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