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Some old authors say that it iscalled so, because it contains sixty-four chapters. (Remy de Gourmont, Culture des Idées, 1900, p. 103, and Mercure de France, August, 1901, pp. *The After Effects of the Infantile Object Selection.

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In Egypt,according to Sonnini, it is prevalent in harems. You could be attracted to the wrong type of person or keep making the same bad choices over and over, due to an unresolved issue from your past.

I refer to the great ease with which physical pain is forgotten, a fact well known to all mothers, or to all who have been present at the birth of a child.

All my life I had been hungry for a complete response, and at one time the lad thought he could give it.

All this complexity in ‘dating how to’s’ has just confused the fact men and women are designed to complement each other not to go to war all the time.

He thought he was being smooth.

He tossed you in a frickin pool, remember?