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In theold ballad of Glasgerion the lady suspected that her secret visitor wasonly a churl, and not the knight he pretended to be, because when he camein his master’s place to spend the night with her he kissed her neithercoming nor going, but simply got her with child.

In sexual inversion, however, when the woman takes a more active and outspoken part than in normal love, it may very clearly be traced.

In one thing does friendship excel love: it is always reciprocal; onefriend presupposes another.

Without my friendship he will not take my moneythe condition of a large career.

At allevents, even if precaution is a foe to impulse, few will be found to denythatStrangeness is by no means inimical to passion. Happy he who has for a helpmate one who possesses thefaculty of increasing a zeal for the first and of adding a zest to thesecond. Andrea moaned loudly, grinding against Rebecca’s hand, pushing down onto her fingers. What is really of importance is the spiritualattitude which induces him to commit these strange acts, and in these wefind the characteristic attitude of the woman-worshipper: that of theslave before his queen. There is a further resemblance which usually becomes clear when, as occasionally happens, nocturnal incontinence of urine persists on to late childhood or adolescence: both phenomena are frequently accompanied by vivid dreams of appropriate character. Psychic hermaphroditism would gain in substantiality if parallel withthe inversion of the sexual object there should be at least a change inthe other psychic qualities, such as in the impulses and distinguishingtraits characteristic of the other sex.

I maneuver one of the chairs so that it’s facing another chair just a few feet away. I had a better color and tone, and was something like other young men, barring a strange alternate exaltation and depression. She could outrun any of her friends on a sprint; she could kick higher, play baseball, and throw the ball overhand like a man, and she was fond of football. That suchseductionsometimes an abrupt and inconsiderate act of mere sexualgratificationcould by itself produce a taste for homosexuality is highlyimprobable; in individuals not already predisposed it is far more likelyto produce disgust, as it did in the case of the youthful Rousseau. It was not long before I was confirmed in the habit.