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In loving one woman a man believes in all women.

He was fond of children, I suppose, and I generally sat on his knee and was kissed by him.

von Schlichtegroll, Sacher-Masoch und der Masochismus, p.

v), who is a devout church-member, had never allowedherself to entertain sexual thoughts referring to men, but she masturbatedevery morning, when standing before the mirror, by rubbing against a keyin the bureau-drawer.

Jade pleaded and looked at me, eyes more intense than I had ever seen them.

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Bill couldn’t help it that I wasn’t in love with him, and I complicated the issue by making him think I was satisfied. The more energetic part in physical love belongs to the man, themore passive part to the woman; so that, while energy in a woman is noindex to effectiveness in love, energy in a man furnishes a seeming indexto the existence of the primary quality of sexual energy which a womandemands of a man in the sexual embrace. I pumped Marie full of spunk as I thought about fucking Amy and Marie was telling me to call her Amy. If the two former curves be compared, it will be seen that, on the whole,they display a general concordance, such differences as exist beingattributable chiefly to two facts: that the second curve is more eventhroughout, neither maximum nor minimum being so strongly marked as in thefirst; and that the main maximum occurs in the middle of the monthinstead of on the second lunar day, and the absence of the marked initialmaximum alters the character of the first week or so of this curve.