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I was never weak with them, and I was able to allow all kinds of familiarities without any loss of respect. In the case of men, directly I came to have cognizance of the same thing on their bodies, the effect was exactly the opposite.

A few minutes later we traded.

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Aschaffenburg finds that the annual periodicity of the sexual impulse appears more strongly marked the more abnormal its manifestations, which he places in the following order of increasing periodicity: conceptions in marriage, conceptions out of marriage, offences against decency, rape, assaults on children (Centralblatt für Nervenheilkunde, January, 1903).

In the previous chapters Ihave dealt with the blending of both elements in the highest form oferoticism; in the following I will attempt to throw light on some of theprincipal phenomena resulting from a defective union of sexuality andlove, phenomena which I am convinced have never been correctlyinterpreted.

By the end of the night most come around and sniff what is my deal.

We don’t want to believe that someone we’re on a date with will slip us any drugs, but it does happen.

I smiled as I opened the letter and saw the pink peony flower I had bought her in Paris lovingly pressed between tissue paper.

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