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She began giving little wrapped gifts. I love the odor of man-sweat. It must have been at about this time that I discoveredentirely by myselfthe act of masturbation. He stepped into the kitchen and pulled open the refrigerator. Mark and I are taking it slowly now.

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The analyses of perversions andpsychoneuroses have taught us that this sexual excitement is furnishednot only from the so-called sexual parts alone but from all organs ofthe body.

We were still, however, rather ascetic, though we used to kiss each other, and we used to embrace naked.

We havea striking and comparatively modern European example of an article ofclothing designed to draw attention to the sexual sphere in the codpiece(the French braguette), familiar to us through fifteenth and sixteenthcentury pictures and numerous allusions in Rabelais and in Elizabethanliterature.