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I tried to concentrate on that glorious sensation as she was so close to orgasm, but then the discomfort ping-ponged again.

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Michael heard various voices, but in his delirium he couldn’t put a name to any of them.

Indeed, my liking for my own sex seems to consist almost entirely in a preference for the masculine character, and the feeling that as an object to look at the male body is really more beautiful than the female.

As far as I can remember, when once I was satisfied I felt disgust for my act.

There is no relationship worth pursuing more than your relationship with Christ! The camera climbed the body then zoomed out. The more spiritual a man is, the poorer will he be, forspirituality and poverty are one.”

Denise stepped between Elena and her daughter. He brought her to an orgasmic state and kept her there. With custom, the localized physical excitement has practically disappeared, and I am no longer obsessed by imagined embraces.

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