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But even the most brutal representative of thistype may still be psychologically described as “a man who seeksspiritual love in woman after woman and, finding only sexuality,revenges himself on her.”

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The Attention Paid to Odors by Savages. It is toovague and general to carry us far, and when a specific and definite causecan be found, the part played by heredity recedes to become merely acondition, the soil on which the specific etiology works. Two things I would encourage you all to do: 1. 192 I do not here enter upon the consideration of the normal prevalenceand significance of masturbation and allied phenomena, as I have dealtwith this subject in the study of Auto-erotism, in volume i of theseStudies. We have,moreover, a recent example of the same relationships recognized in amodern European racethe Albanians.