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So Ladies, good job on sending better messages but those of you who don’t ever send them, quit wasting your time being on a dating site and not taking any responsibility for your results.

The facts here set down are recorded in the interest of advancing study along this most important but neglected and ignored line.

At Loango, for instance, it would be highly improper tohave intercourse in an exposed spot; it must only be performed inside thehut, with closed doors, at night, when no one is present.13 It is on the sexual factor of modesty, existing in a well-marked form even among animals, that coquetry is founded.

In the early stages of dating, it can sometimes be tricky to know what she is looking for in a dating partner.

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Such a case was reported in Massachusetts early in 1901. (H. Power, Relation of Ophthalmic Disease to the Sexual Organs, Lancet, November 26, 1887.)