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This was especially the case with those inflicted on the breasts, labia, and clitoris.

This method of dealing with unnatural offenses has spread widely, at firstbecause of the political influence of France, and more recently becausesuch an attitude has commended itself on its merits.

Half the fun of going out is getting to know someone new, so allow yourself to let that happen organically.

He recalls, however, Whitman’s own lines at the end ofCalamus in the Camden edition of 1876: Here my last words, and the most baffling, Here the frailest leaves of me, and yet my strongest-lasting, Here I shade down and hide my thoughtsI do not expose them, And yet they expose me more than all my other poems.

In his Lehrbuch der Frauenkrankheiten the same gynecological authority states his belief that half of all women are not sexually excitable.

quality center error while updating views He should then seat her on hisleft side, and holding her hair, and touching also the end and knot ofher garment, he should gently embrace her with his right arm. They disappeared under treatment, and she thereupon became entirely frigid sexually. Dancing is often a powerful method of sexual excitement, not onlyamong civilized but among savage peoples, and Zache describes the eroticdances of Swaheli women as having a masturbatory object.217 Stimulationof the nates is a potent adjuvant to the production of self-excitement,and self-flagellation with rods, etc., is practiced by some individuals,especially young women.218 Urtication is another form of thisstimulation; Reverdin knew a young woman who obtained sexual gratificationby flogging herself with chestnut burrs, and it is stated that in someparts of France (departments of the Ain and Côte d’Or) it is not uncommonfor young girls to masturbate by rubbing the leaves of the Linariacymbalaria (here called pinton or timbarde) on to the sexual parts,thus producing a burning sensation.219 Stimulation of the mamma,normally an erogenous centre in women, may occasionally serve as a methodfor obtaining auto-erotic satisfaction, including the orgasm, in bothsexes.