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Doris looked back at Jujou as if she’d just discovered some slightly gooey new creature living under a rock.

As it was always just sex - no feelings, cheating etc I’d always mentioned to Jodie that if the opportunity came where she could have some fun with another bloke she should just take it and that she had my permission.

The mere sexual act is, if anything, far less the sole object between inverts than it is between normal men and women.

Shortly after this he went to a day school, where, amid the extraordinarily coarse conversation of the boys, he was initiated into all the more obvious phenomena of sex.

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Another one, who told me that he had been twenty-five years on the road,said that he could not endure to sleep alone. I am not sure, there was always a mystery hanging over the mother, nor am I certain that she connived at her daughter’s seduction, but the girl’s account was that after some successful Cup day there had been too much champagne drunk all around, and that a man she looked on as a friend came into her bedroom that night when she was tête montée and seduced or violated herwhichever word you like to choose.

I’ll slap my dick all over your cum-drenched face. The case has beenrecorded of a woman who delighted in arousing anger for the pleasure itgave her, and who advised another woman to follow her example and exciteher husband’s anger, as nothing was so enjoyable as to see a man in a furyof rage144; Lombroso mentions a woman who was mostly frigid, butexperienced sexual feelings when she heard anyone swearing; and a medicalfriend tells me of a lady considerably past middle age who experiencedsexual erethism after listening to a heated argument between her husbandand a friend on religious topics. We need to feast on this truth regularly, or we will be tempted to draw strength from other, lesser sources, like your own relationship. This primitive character ofthe great region of tactile sensation, its vagueness and diffusion, thecomparatively unintellectual as well as unæsthetic nature of the mentalconceptions which arise on the tactile basis make it difficult to dealprecisely with the psychology of touch.