For nearly three centuries Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches’ Hammer) was the professional manual for witch hunters. This work by two of the most famous. While the Malleus Maleficarum was the first comprehensive book of witchcraft and witchcraft prosecution, its authors did not create all their theories on witches. The Malleus Maleficarum was meant to be a manual for inquisitors. It laid foundations for much of the early modern period’s witch persecutions.

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Malefucus task of his manual – that is how it is best conceived – was both to provide a scholarly defence of the heresy of witchcraft – it is important to understand that is how Kramer conceived the practice – and to provide guidance for inquisitors and legal professionals in the pursuit and prosecution of witches.

Malleus Maleficarum (1486)

Heinrich Kramer, the text’s demented author, was held up as a typical inquisitor. In Mallleus, the feminine maleficarum would only be used for women, while the masculine maleficorum could be used for men alone or for both sexes if together. There are few demonologists and writers upon witchcraft who do not refer to its pages as an ultimate authority. Ironically it was a sin to believe that witches had any “real” power, as this would make them greater than God.

Malleus Maleficarum

Sep 21, Pamela Conley rated it really liked it. They were worthy of presence and patronage of Patriarch of Venice. The Malleus Maleficarumed. According to historian Jenny Gibbons:.


A similar response is offered by the author of the first translation of the Malleus into English Montague Summers. The stigmatization of children as witches in the Niger Delta region, as a phenomenon, suddenly exploded in the … https: We’re Kramer And Sprenger. The problem with this idea is that almost everyone else believed in witches, too. How does a witch turn men into beasts? Therefore, it is not an endorsement of a specific final text of the Malleus.

Malleus Maleficarum – Wikipedia

The text argues that women are more susceptible to demonic temptations through the manifold weaknesses of their jaleficus. This is a history the church has been struggling with well before this book’s initial publication in the late 15th century: Strappado tortureRack tortureand Category: Then, using malevicus wisest counsel I could, I asked whether he suspected anyone of having so bewitched him.

Kramer received a papal bull Summis desiderantes affectibus in Such trials accepted a degree of the miraculous.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book admits that much of a witches power as well as her “travels” occurred in her mind. It went through at least 30 printings and became the handbook for witch hunters, both Protestant and Catholic.

I think it was Pope Innocent who commissioned this book and whilst reading it you can really get a sense of their fear of women. Jacob Sprenger ‘s name was added as an author beginning in33 years after the book’s first publication and 24 years after Sprenger’s death; [24] but the veracity of this late addition has been questioned by many historians for various reasons.

The ancient subjects of astronomyphilosophyand medicine were being reintroduced to the West at this time, as well as a plethora of ancient texts being rediscovered and studied. Fellow Catholics, to whom we are forever bound in the communion of saints, did sin grievously against people accused of witchcraft. A Complete Translation of the Malleus Maleficarumtrans.


Salem witch trials — Witch Hunts in Europe and America: But it is pretty hard core. He was mallues of the advocates of Aristotelian thought and opponents of via modernahe was “one of Sprenger’s most distinguished colleagues at Cologne, and the man whose name appears first on the faculty endorsement of the Malleus[he] even went so far as to lead an abortive drive to obtain beatification for Aristotle.

Although they were Catholic monks, their views were not the views of the Church or the University. It’s writings are incredibly valuable in telling the story of tens of thousands of wineand just in understanding the danger of fear and ignorance.

The book claims that it is normal for all witches “to perform filthy carnal acts with demons. For example, it devotes large sections to incubi and succubi and questions regarding their roles in pregnancies, the submission of witches to incubi, and protections against them.

What really makes me sad, is the fact that this book was used as the textbook for How to Kill Strong Maleifcus especially midwives Aug 17, Liz rated it it was ok Shelves: How do I rate that?