Lycon Wax is extremely popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Minnie Driver. Australia’s Lycon Wax contains the finest resins, . Lycon Precision Waxing was founded by Lydia Jordane in Australia, which in this case makes the term ‘down under’ even more funny. Lydia is. 43 results Lycon Precision Waxing Formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON delivers superior results.

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Your privacy is important to us. Summer is here dolls, so unfortunately we cannot afford to look like werewolves anymore.

Especially considering I had left myself get a little too tumbleweedy of late, I thought Predision be in tears. Onweerstaanbaar Volumineuze Krullen 10 Comments.

Helen started off the treatment by using a cleanser and by applying a pre-waxing oil right after that. After that she gently swiped a spatula through one of the 8 available hot waxes. Then follows my standard apology: She told me that it would be better to not shave for at least 10 days, because that would give the best results.

Last minute makeup inspiration for your New Year’s Eve party. Comment down below to share your experiences with waxing! We then both agreed to do my underarms instead.

ABOUT – LYCON Cosmetics Australia

She then applied it to my skin, rubbed it around, let it sit there for a little while and then pulled the patch aaxing. She has been a certified beautician for over 1o years and has a lot of experience with Lycon. The waxing treatment that I got done costs 17 euros. Follow us on Instagram. Beauty Salon For my very first waxing experience I visited Schoonheidssalon Helen schoonheidssalon means beauty salon in Dutch.


As perhaps the best wax available in Ireland, Lycon at Brasilia gets Beaut. For more information on Lycon click here to visit their website. No point enduring all of that pain without going all the way, right?

What The Vogue Magazine. Fauzia July 8, at 6: Have you tried it before? Lycon has a wide assortment of yummy smelling hot waxes; such as chocolate, berries and even one that is especially created for men called Manifico. Any puffiness that was there initially went away within a few hours. You stay in the one position, popping your head up like a meerkat throughout you know, to see how far you’ve come and pdecision you know it, you’re done!

Yes, today we’re talking about vaginas.

Debby July 9, at And I’m the biggest wimp going, waaxing you can trust me. How to still look presentable if you’re going out makeup free.

Eau de parfum or eau de toilette: How do you like yours? I was left as silky smooth as midnight velvet with very little redness. All are complemented with the comprehensive and harmonising LYCON pre and post waxing lotions, which make waxing practically painless to create a pleasurable and efficient experience for both clients and therapists.

Pain Free Hair Removal with Lycon Precision Waxing

This accessory will instantly update all of your Christmas prcision. This site uses cookies. Apologies in advance to my mother, my father, my boyfriend, and, well, anyone who’d rather not read about my After much research and secretly ordering ingredients under the guise of her father’s cosmetic chemist business, Lydia created her first wax in secret on the family kitchen stove in precisoon, when she was just a teenager!


It uses low energy to achieve super hair removal and it can do skin rejuvenation. At the same time, LYCON low temperature, super pliable waxng gentle waxes, provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins. No stray hairs left either, which is a constant issue I’ve had with other waxers. I’m a fan of the Hollywood myself minus the vajazzle – yuck. Why Christmas isn’t all mistletoe and wine.

Lycon Precision Waxing precisoin to give you the best results, being ‘virtually pain free’. A few years ago she was introduced with this high end waxing brand at a beauty fair and she fell completely in love with it.

Other scents of wax include: Ramy Li July 29, at 5: I shaved my legs and put on a dress. If the fact that it’s the least painful wax on the market isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement for you, it’s also worth nothing that wwxing no stretching and pulling of the skin required for this product.

This is the easiest way to start your New Year skin routine tonight. Or are you more a fan of whipping the entire thing off, leaving yourself as fresh as a daisy and, maybe, adding a few diamantes for good measure?

It is the only electric razor on market with alcohol based self cleaning system.