The United States, unlike much of the world, still relies heavily on paper checks for payments. In order to facilitate internal control and to. This document explain about step by step configuration and processes for SAP Lock Box functionality. This PDF depicts various steps for Lockbox Process Configuration.

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Lockbox process Configuration

Right click on Session name and click on Process option. January 9, at 6: Kind Regards, Prakash Kumar. OBA3 This transaction is used to configure customer tolerances. December 14, at configurahion April 30, at 6: Maintain Bank details in customer master data which bank will send in lockbox file.

We can only use the pen delivered by SAP. April 6, at 2: Click on green execute button.

Thanks a lot, Gagan. Transaction OB41 is used to configure posting keys. How the program will work? September 23, at 8: These electronic files are typically transferred nightly to the company which owns the lockbox.

Hi Gagan, Can you please look into this thread and resolve this issue. Preparing lockboxx Lockbox file for the test purposes To make it easy the customer invoice number is highlighted.


Great Job dear friend! Day 1 When the bank receives a check from customer with remittance information its sends it in Lockbox file.

Hi Gagan, Good document. It is explained well. Customer identification is the primary task of the initial SAP data processing of each lockbox payment. Instead displaying in the following steps, you will maintain the data for the house bank you want to define.

Lockbox Configuration | SAP Blogs

You have no items in your shopping cart. December 3, at Regarding the tolerance group assignment, XXXXX only has one configured that is a blank customer tolerance. XD03 Maintain Bank details in customer master data which bank will send in lockbox file.

FLB2 Save the lockbox file attached with this document and modify the document number in file with open customer invoice. November 13, at 3: All new reason codes must be configured in each company code. This field should contain the destination code the bank submits to you in your lockbox file.

Right condiguration on and select Process Checks options. Finally an alternative payer should confoguration entered on a customer master record if another customer account will pay the bills for the customer.


Lockbox Configuration

Documentation can be viewed for this program from SE38 transaction code. Dr Lock box clearing account. Lockboxs help in speedy deposit of funds and clearance of customer accounts. Two algorithms that are used are and This program contains lot many user exits whether one can add any additional business logic. The program will try to apply to last one or will jn the MICR number and after to decide in which account to apply?

Data entry clerks at the bank manually enter the information into an electronic file for transmission to the company in groups of checks called batches.

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