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Sure – women need additional calcium. The nano-capsule delivers and releases the nanoized nutrient to the site of absorption. Calcium is so cheap that if you feel you need additional calcium, or have been diagnosed with nan levels, then you are best to purchase it separately. Lifepak regular has no enzymes, no amino acids, no specific male or female support nutrients other than isoflavones and cranberry powder for urinary tract infections in LifePak Women and very few trace elements.

Nu Skin is a huge and famous US based multi-national. Pharmanex certainly has the financial means to dazzle us with a tonne of scientific data and marketing literature. These are good nutrients that should nsno in Lifepak regular to begin with lifepka any additional cost! The problem as I see it is that they are held back by too many costs: So why so many conditions?? Lifepak contains 4 all natural excipients inactives which is at the low end of the optimal range of 4 — Scientists with his experience are hard to find and few are working in the supplement industry.

It is backed by tremendous resources and uses a tonne of scientific studies to support the ingredients it contains. lifelak

The head scientist for Lifepak, Joseph Chang, Ph. The nano-capsule is digested by intestinal microflora 3.

Product Review for the supplement Lifepak from Pharmanex

Unlike traditional fat soluble nutrients, nano-encapsulation allows complete dispersion of nanoized nutrients Cell of intestinal wall 2. Professional grade supplements should be formulated to address this specific issue.


I would appreciate it if you please explain the difference between fish oils and cod liver oil. Difficult to absorb nutrient example: How do nano-nutrients work? Grape seed is a very strong antioxidant that has been well researched and has numerous health benefits. Nano Motors – Stevens Institute of Technology.

For a couple of tricky questions I posed where there was obviously no prepared responses, their answers were a little wishy washy and skirted around the main issue s. They apply what they call their 6 S Process selection, sourcing, substantiation, nanno and safety to ensure only the best, purest and safest raw ingredients are used.

LifePak Nano anti-aging nutritional supplement

With respect to calcium the problem is not so much not getting enough but rather a leaching of calcium from the bones – caused by diet! I do not believe that they are part of the population segment shown in surveys that show large percentage of the US population do not consume enough calcium. The only prostate nutrient it contains is a tiny lifepa, of lycopene which is already in Lifepak pifepak. Nano-encapsulated nutrients do not cling together, thus increasing their contact with the absorptivecells of the digestive lining, hence increasing absorption.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Sorry to repeat myself but its an important comment! Sorry folks but Lifepak appears to me to be more like an expensive multi vitamin and mineral supplement including some important extras. Although nano-encapsulated nutrients enhance the delivery of each nutrient, it is important to recognize that the once the nutrient dissociates from its nanocapsule at the digestive lining— the nutrient that is absorbed into the blood stream is identical in molecular shape, function, and safety to its non-nanoized counterparts.

Most of them easily have adequate intake of calcium via their diet.

Mayo Clinic dietitian, Anya Guy, recently shared some of those benef…. This review examines Lifepak ‘Regular’ Version.

Does anyone take the vitamins LifePak Nano?

Only 1 to 2 mg will be absorbed and this falls short of the 5 mg needed from our daily diet. Enhanced molecular delivery anti-aging program What is LifePak Nano?


But as I said above, supplement consumers are health conscious people and have fairly good diets to begin with. Pharmanex is one of the few companies to set their own specifications for manufacturing and essentially their contract manufacturers had to shape up and meet these specs if they wanted to lifepxk with Pharmanex in lifepakk beginning. I have also mentioned the importance of standardized herbal extracts in multi nutrient supplements.

Since every single molecule of each nanoized-nutrient is wrapped in its own individual nano-capsule there is complete molecular dispersion of these fat-soluble nutrients in the water soluble environment of the digestive system. Periodontal Benefits of LifePak Nano. Because it is a science based company it invests heavily in lifpak research and development, and its skin care products are extremely popular. Nanotechnology in greening the industry by Prof.

I wasn’t really looking into USANA or the other multivitamin nutritional supplements on your comparisons page but was looking for comparisons against. A comprehensive nutritional wellness program delivering optimal amounts of essential and semiessential micro-and macro-nutrients typically lacking in diets, for the support of all body systems for long term health and wellness.

The Lifepak money back guarantee has too many conditions for my liking. The use of every ingredient in Lifepak is backed by many clinical studies which have been studied extensively by Dr Chang’s team of scientists.

These powerful plant based chemicals are constantly impressing scientists with their potent health promoting benefits which include the ability to fight disease.

Grape seed extract and catechins from Green Tea extract.