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When 20 I went to London and took all the pleasure which came my way. “Hardly any other object,” remarks Dr. Richard Andree, “has been with such great unanimity represented by nearly all peoples as the phallus, the symbol of procreative force in the religions of the East and an object of veneration at public festivals. She swung one leg over him and knelt over his hips. He was ready for more, but not wanting to ask.

The pleasure of men and women being thus proved to be of the same kind,it follows that in regard to time, there are nine kinds of sexualintercourse, in the same way as there are nine kinds, according to theforce of passion.

D’Ewes, whose family belongedto the same part of Suffolk as Bacon’s sprang from, was not friendly toBacon, but that fact will not suffice to account for his statement.

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