by; G. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D. Narasimhan, Centre for Floristic Research, Department of Botany, Madras Christian College, Tambaram. (0 ratings). Common Name: Spiderwort. Leucas cephalotes. Drawing of the plant. Photograph by: Kirtikar, K.R., Basu, B.D., Indian medicinal plants, Plates, vol. 4: t. Objective: Keeping this background in mind this study was carried out on the leaf of Leucas cephalotes, basically a folklore drug also used in Unani Medicine.

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Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Leucas cephalotes Roth Spreng. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D.

All the three doses of extract decreased plasma glucose and lipid profiles and, improved the antioxidant status of both types of diabetic rats. In tribal regions of India, Dronpushpi is a valuable drug for snake bite.

Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Oudhi; Oudhia and Tripath, ; Oudhia et al. In many parts of India particularly in North India.

Leucas cephalotes (Roth) Spreng. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

The angiosperms diversity was studied in Doaba region cephaltes Punjab, India. Plant species composition on two rock outcrops from the northern Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India Desc: Medicinal weeds of Raipur and Durg Madhya Pradesh region. Although Dronpushpi is a problematic weed for farmers, it is a tasty potherb for many rural people and a valuable medicinal herb for herbalists and is cultivated for herbal drugs in some parts of India.


As well, the plant contains oleanolic acid7-oxositosterol, 7-oxostigmasterol, 7alpha-hydroxy stigmasterol, stigmasterol5-hydroxy-7,4′-dimethoxy flavone, pillion, gonzalitosin I, tricin, cosmosin, apigeninO-beta-D- 6-O-p-coumaryl glucopyranoside, anisofolin A and luteolin.

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The juice extracted from leaves is used to cure skin problems. It is cultivated itself for its medicinal uses and is readily available in markets. FoC – densely hispid many flowered globose verticillaster hispid linear bracts as long as calyx oblique calyx mouth, calyx hispid outside, teeth straight-triangular-spinescent apex This species is not Leucas aspera Willd.

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Leucas cephalotes – efloraofindia

The flowering annual herb Leucas cephalotes is a common weed which also has uses leuacs an edible vegetable and herbal remedy. Remember me Forgot password?

Used as a culinary herb.

Next I checked our leufas and realised that though several uploads have been suggested as L. Stewart notes it as a “common hot weather field weed”. Phlomis cephalotes Roth, Nov. Nutlets narrow oblong, bluntly trigonous, c.


Hedge Leucas capitata Desf. Dronpushpi is valuable homoeopathic drug and as such is used for the treatment of chronic malaria and asthama Ghosh Leucas cephalotes Roth Spreng.

Leucas cephalotes

It is collected for use as a leafy vegetable in cephalohes areas. The seed also yields medicinal oil. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Books on Indian Flora. The leaves are ovate to lanceolate in shape. Send a request for permission.

Pics taken in Pench National park Leucas aspera I hope. Stems erect, unbranched or with few branches, cm, leafy, pubescent with spreading and adpressed retrorse hairs. Medicinal weeds in Kodomillet fields: Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc. A total of species belo