Shihan ni rei, Bow to the karate master. Shinzen ni rei, Bow to show respect for the dojo. Sensei ni rei, Bow to the karate teacher. Sempai ni rei, Bow to the karate . Terminology for Beginners. If you are new to Kyokushin, it may seem difficult to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry, everyone started out feeling exactly . West Island Karate and Karaté de L’Île are Kyokushin Karate schools in Beaconsfield and Île-Perrot on the west island of Montreal, General Terminology.

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Hiji Oroshi – Uchi.

The calligraphy is a symbol of Kyokushinkai. Tettsui Hizo – Uchi. Seiken Gedan – Tsuki. Kai meaning “Association” or “To join”.

Hiji Jodan – Uke. Tobi Mae – Geri. Sensei Duayne Davies – New Zealand. Shotei Jodan – Uke. Koken jodan – Uke. Referee asks the decision of the judges. Morote Chudan Soto – Uke. Shuto Mawashi – Uke.

TERMINOLOGY | Krastev Kyokushin Karate Academy

The kiai in it’s basic form terkinology a shout which is used to emphasise and develop courage, character, power, endurance and breath control. Shuto Morote Chudan Soto – Uke.


Both Hands Middle Inside. Shotei Gedan – Uke. Seiken Jodan – Tsuki. Shuto Yoko – Uchi. It is made from the three Japanese characters: Koken Chudan Uchi – Uke.

The first part provides the student with terminology and explanatory diagrams. As for my kids programs, parents have commented to me how much they themselves have learned though helping their children with terminology and the kata. Helps rotate the hips and maintain the stable and precise delivery of the technique. Kakato Jodan Mae – Geri. The second part outlines the necessary knowledge, techniques, idogekokata and kumite requirements from 10th kyu through to Shodan and up to and including Sandan.

Tettsui Chudan Yoko – Uchi. Shihan Tony Bowden – Australia. Seiken Chudan Uchi – Uke.

Morote Chudan Uchi – Uke. Shuto Morote Gedan- Barai. Hiji Age – Ate.

Karate Terminology

Bo Kihon Sono Ichi. Shuto Jodan – Uke. Uraken Shita – Uchi. Prescribed terninology of techniques performed with specific rhythm and timing KI kee: Very few people in the world have achieved this ranking.


Every dojo should have at least one manual at its disposal.

Glossary of Kyokushin Karate Terms | The Martial Way

Gedan Mae – Geri. Shotei Morote Jodan – Uke. Shihan John Taylor Ph: Seiken Morote – Tsuki. A comprehensive book that takes a student from “Beginner to Black Belt”.

Get termionlogy position, prepare. Shotei Gedan – Uchi. A term reserved for the chief instructor of the dojo, and other high-ranking members. Shihan Gary Viccars – Australia. Jodan Mae – Geri.

Terminology for Beginners

Hiji Jodan – Ate. Descending Inverted-Fist Strike to the Face. In this kata, the hands are raised and the fingers meet to form an opening through which the sky is viewed.

Shuto Gedan – Barai. Photos of the Terminology. Nunchaku Nihon Sono Ichi. Shuto Jodan Uchi kyokkushin Uchi.