Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Kuyper has indispensable contributions to Calvinism as an. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive and Though based on lectures delivered in , Kuyper’s book retains its relevance even. Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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There were of course, some excellent sections which I thoroughly enjoyed, but throughout the book, Kuyper lives in a bizarre fantasy that Calvinism is and has the potential to be, the greatest worldview the world has ever seen. One of the problems with criticizing this point, however, is that I quite openly admit to not knowing as much of the historical circumstances that lay open for Calvinism than Kuyper.

Kuyper’s Calvinism is a product of how the Calvinstic world-view pervades all of life. This, and no other is the principal antithesis, which separates the thinking minds in the domain of Science into two opposite battle-arrays.

The Abnormalists, on the other hand, who do justice to relative evolution, but adhere to primordial creation over against an evolution infinitum, oppose the position of the Normalists with all their might; they maintain inexorably the conception of man as an independent species, because in him alone is reflected the image of God; they conceive of sin as the destruction of our original.

Calvin long ago knew better, when he asked for a Philosophia Christiana, and after all every faculty, and in these faculties every single science, is more or less connected with the antithesis of principles, and should consequently be permeated by it.

Jul 04, Dan rated it really liked it Shelves: You can consider it as a work on cultural apologetics. Though I abstain at present lechures any criticism either of these philosophical systems or of these naturalistic hypotheses, so much at least is very clearly demonstrated by them, that the entire development of science in our age presupposes a cosmos which does not leectures a prey to the freaks of chance, but exists and develops from one principle, according to a firm order, aiming ,uyper one fixed plan.


Kuyper shows the sovereignty and supremacy of God in all spheres of life. Sep 21, Jeff Hart rated it it was amazing Shelves: He founded the Anti-Revolutionary Party and was prime minister of the Netherlands between and Such a conflict does not exist.

I really liked this book. If the normal condition of things had not been broken, consciousness would emit the same sound from all; but as a matter of fact, this is not the case.

Abraham KUYPER Lectures on Calvinism 4 – Le blog de Luc Bussière

Johannes Calvijn schrapt de kerkelijke instituties en haar heiligheid uit het godsbeeld, wat drastische gevolgen heeft voor de geschiedenis van Nederland. In this wise Science surrendered its independent character. Not calfinism is it a world and life view, but it is the highest and most mature of world and life views.

His first lecture is “Calvinism A Life System,” and the remaining five relate Calvinism to religion, politics, science, art, and the future.

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

Lectures on Calvinism is an important book. Calvinists have never thought that the idea of the cosmos lay in God’s foreordination as an aggregate of loosely conjoined decrees, but they have always maintained, that the whole formed one organic programme of the entire creation and the entire history. Apr 12, John rated it really liked it Shelves: The Renaissance doubtless favored the rise of an infidel tendency, which was felt even in the Vatican, and Humanism created enthusiasm for Graeco-Roman ideals; but granted, that after the close of the middle ages, the opposition of the Normalists made a beginning, it yet remains a fact, that the large host kuyperr philologians, jurists, physicians and physicists, for centuries afterwards left untouched these foundations, on which the very old conviction rested it was during the eighteenth century that the opposition made a change of front by leaving the.

This view is often compared to the Catholic idea of subsidiarity, although it should be apparent that it has deep differences with that view in its most common formulations, since on Kuyper’s view the spheres of life are independent of one another, which is antithetical to the view that authority ought to dwell as close to the bottom as possible, since this picture presupposes that the spheres are hierarchically related.


I love Kuyper’s ability to speak to the heart and mind of man.

I especially liked the first chapter and the appeal to history afterwards. It is also fundamental to understanding the Calvinist project and how it developed through the 20th century–particularly through the thought of Van Til.

Leitura fundamental para os iniciantes em filosofia Reformacional. Rome tried to find a lecturres way of escape in the well-known doctrine of the pura naturalia.

Princeton should just rename the award, because ironically, Kuyper himself would surely be similarly disqualified from receiving Princeton’s Kuyper award. The page from the history of Calvinism, or let us rather say of mankind, matchless in its beauty, to which I refer, is the siege of Leyden, more than ,ectures hundred years ago.

To this labor the Calvinist consecrated himself with enthusiasm and energy. Eerst begint hij argumenten waarom het calvinisme niet tot kunst zou hebben geleid te ontkrachten.

But with regard to the present condition of things we, of course, have to acknowledge two kinds of human consciousness: There all fell on their knees and gave thanks to God. Kuyper’s critique of mysticism and overtly practical Christianity should be leectures today and resonates now as it did at the turn of the century.

It realized, more clearly than Rome, the hideous, corrupting influences of sin; this led to a higher estimation of the nature of paradise in the beauty of original righteousness, and guided by this enchanting remembrance. Westminster Bookstore will be closed December 22 through January 2.