Language English. Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual. Identifier keithley_DMM__Instruction_Manual. Identifier-ark ark://t8kd5tt7c. Model System DMM Scanner Instruction Manual Contains Operating and Servicing Information KEITH LEY WARRANTY Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants . Keithley Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley Instruction Manual.

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Therefore, filtered one-shot times can be long.

Lin e 30 then attempts to pro- gram an illegal command option, at which point the in- strument generates an SRQ and sets the bus error bit in its status byte.

The following paragraphs discuss scanner program- ming, connections, and operation from the front panel. Programming Example — Place the instrument in the one- shot on talk mode with the following program: Model Safety Test Leads— Finger guards and shrouded banana plugs help minimize the chance of making contact with live circuitry. Select the desired function, range, trigger mode, and other operating parameters, as desired.

CAUTION Precision calibration signals must be connected to the instrument before attempting calibration, otherwise instrument accuracy will be affected. A zero baseline level can be as large as full range. For best results on the Q, 3k2 and 30kQ ranges, it is recommended that 4-terminal measurements be made to eliminate errors caused by the voltage drop across the test leads which will occur when 2-tenninaI measurements are made.

Wait for SRQ error.

Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Determine the center frequency and bandwidth as ex- plained in the previous application Measuring Bandwidth. Key in the desired number of readings use for wrap aroimd storagethen press the ND T key to program manusl value. Connect the equipment together, as shown in Figure The ratio mode is discussed in detail in paragraph 2.


Command strings sent without the execute character will be stored within an internal com- mand buffer for later execution. For ratio enabled, the display shows: Bit 5 Error — Set when one of the following errors has occurred: Mxnual means that if the ohms serrse leads are not cormected, the measurement is done 2-terminal.

Amplifier Gain The ratio mode used in conjunction with the scanner can be used to determine the gain of seven different amplifier, using the test configuration shown in Figure Refer to paragraph 6. For rectified sine wave, add 0. Listener capabilities exist only after the instrument has been addressed to listen. Once the desired multiplexer status is displayed, press NEXT to scroll to the next program and save current multiplexer status.

For that reason, the reading rales are slower when the front panel filter is enabled.

Keithley 199 Manuals

Place the GTL command byte on the data lines. User Saved Default Conditions Each function of the Model “remembers” the last measurement configuration that it was set up for such as range, zero value, etc. The value command may take on either of the following forms: When the Model receives a DCL com- mand, it will return to default conditions see paragraph 3.

Keirhley example, with 0. Most controllers also use a ksithley address; consult the controller instruction manual for details.

Select the function and range to be used to make the measurements autorange can be used with data store. Press NEXT, and select the step mode with uprange or downrange.

The generator frequency now represents the upper half-power, or -3dB response point of the amplifier. Scanner Setup n Press NEXT and disable or keighley the ratio mode as required.

For 2-terminai measurements connect the resistance to the instrument as shown in Figure keithlsy SDC will return the instrument to the default line fre- quency setting. In the B1 and B2 modes, the data will come from the buffer.


Once all readings have been requested, the last loca- tion will be continuously sent. The first keithlfy value should be approximately full range and the second calibration value should be ap- proximate! However, since the instrument cannot make measurements at the selected interval 15msecinterval overrun errors will occur. Maximum voltage between digital com- mon and earth ground is 30V.


The shields should be connected to signal LO not earth ground at the scanner card end for scanner input con- nections, and at the DMM end for scanner card output connections. Cormect the signal to be measured to the input of the Model The Mwnual command is in the following form: See Model specifications.

Sending the I command enables data store; however the unit must be properly triggered to begin storage once data store is enabled. Trms Ac Volts Verifications Limits For Ac Current Verification The instrument will then power up to these default conditions.

Keithley 199 System DMM Scanner

Full text of ” Keithley: Standard safe- ty practices should be observed when such dangerous levels are encountered. The line frequency program can be used to check the programmed line fre- quency and set it to 50 or 60Hz. Each com- mand is made up of a leithley ASCII letter followed by a number representing an option of that command.