Organogenesis Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Asal Eksplan Bunga Betina. Organogenesis | Citations: | Organogenesis is a new peer-reviewed journal, available in print and online, that publishes significant experimental advances. Research on plant organogenesis Shallots (Allium ascalonicum L.) local Palu on MS medium with the addition of IAA and BAP, have been carried out in March.

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The embryogenic callusinduction on MS medium enriched with N-organiccompounds and 0. The media gives the best results appear to speed root, shoot number, leaf number and chlorophyll content.

Keywords Allium ascalonicum L. This research aimed to study the effect of 2,4-D,AdS, and basal media to the regeneration of pineapplethrough indirect organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis,and to study the complete event of somatic embryogenesis.

Based on these parameters, A1 is the best media in promoting organogenesis Local onion Palu. View original from ejurnal.


The embryogenic calliwere regenerated on modified MS medium with addition of0. Download full text English, 11 pages. Growth media as treatments tested were: There was an interaction of embryogenic callusinduction organobenesis and regeneration medium to the numberof mature somatic embryos.

User Username Password Remember me. Therefore the non embryogenic calli were regeneratedthrough organogenesis.

Archive of “Organogenesis”.

Abstract Research on plant organogenesis Shallots Allium ascalonicum L. The result proved that thesingle auxin of 2,4-D was not enough to induce embryogeniccells. Embryogenic calli were organognesis on N-organiccompounds enriched media.

The non embryogenic calli weretransferred onto 4. Explants were used in the form of lateral shoots from the onion bulbs.

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Other than that, the media A4 is also the best medium for the initiation stage plantlets before acclimatization. The media gives the best results for the number of stomata, while emerging roots and number of roots. Embryogenic callus formation was induced on MS or Bacbasal media consisted of N-organic compounds withaddition of AdS 0, 0. This experiment is based on a complete randomized design CRD with 4 treatments, each treatment was repeated 5 times and every single unit test using a 2 explants.


Judging from the appearance of the root, plantlet height, number of leaves, number of shoots, number of roots, chlorophyll content and the number of stomata per explant cultures tested The results showed that all treatments tested were able orgabogenesis induce organ onion crop Local Palu. The regeneration mediumsignificantly affected the level of browning, where the MSmedium with addition of 0.