Judith DeLozier – grew up in rural Oklahoma and is the only girl among 6 brothers. Judy went to the University of California, Santa Cruz to study anthropology. Judith DeLozier is een Amerikaanse NLP trainster en schrijfster in NLP. Ze was mede auteur van het boek Neuro Linguistic Programming Deel I. Judith DeLozier is a trainer and author in Neuro-linguistic programming. Her interests are in culture, anthropology and Gregory Bateson’s epistemology.

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This training really changes you on a deep level, and you should be aware of this before coming to it.

We all want to make judkth dreams come true. For example, in my dreams I dream to become a millionaire, but as soon as I immerse myself in these dreams, one thought was immediately comes juduth my mind, which spoils the beauty of my sweet dreams.

We guarantee maximum payments and personal data security. Not included in the Registration Price: Book hotel in advance. Forms of Training Activities During the Workshop: In May, the first spring flowers have withered, spring rains come to an end, there comes a clear, sunny weather becomes warm enough to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Judith DeLozier — grew up in rural Oklahoma and is the only girl among 6 brothers. Since in NLP.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Expert Judith Delozier

We guarantee a top-quality English-Hebrew and English-Russian translation service during the seminar, as well as providing handouts in English, Hebrew or Russian languages per choice of the participants. If you want to make pre-reservation and freeze the current cost in dollars please input only your Name and E-mail in the form below or if you have a questions in English delozied to book the seminar from outside of Israel, Russia and Ukraine, please input in the form below your Name, E-mail and Question.

Find hotel near the venue. Judith has been mainly responsible for bringing NLP to the area of transcultural competence, pioneering the application of NLP to the development of cross cultural skills. Of course, the example of desire “to be a Millionaire” here is just an illustration of how sometimes people set goals but only to make sure once again it’s a pipe dream.


The main challenge is how “to switch” it from one to another! How to start moving forward to some new previously unknown “territory” of your life, leaving behind your current zone of “pseudo-comfort” mudith finding chance to escape from those narrow borders, which as to you, perhaps, apparently, the destiny delivered to you.

In the book “Turtles All the Way Down: But not only for them. W hat kind of results it can bring into your life?

No exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. In case of advance payment, you get an additional discount, the amount of which is greater than before you make payment.

It is ironic, but most people tend to project their feelings during the training and their inner changes on the outer world, noticing juditg changes in the surrounding reality. If you have problems or comments concerning our WWW service, please send e-mail to the following address: Prerequisites to Personal Geniuswhich she co-authored with John Grinder, Judith explored the interrelationships between NLP and the threads of culture, community, art, aesthetics and epistemology.

How to take any difficulty as a xelozier and to face the inner boundary threshold – to find the limitations of existing capabilities in you or in your world map, and to overcome them. The result of this work was the creation of NLP New Coding, which stimulated a movement toward a more systemic and relational approach to NLP, and a resurgence of interest in the work of Gregory Bateson.

Has been a trainer, co-developer and designer of training programs since How to get rid of your fears and limitations, realizing and transforming them in juditu safe environment and to move on into a state of uncertainty while experiencing changes. Season and climate Israeli Spring starts early: It is ironic, we do it ourselves.

People speaking all over Israel and far beyond the country. In any case, it says: In the book Turtles All the Way Down: How to get access to deep connection with your Self, its goals and mission; ability to harmonize your mission and ambitions, soul and an ego, having experienced the power of self-control practices and being able to find the energy source of inspiration.

Judith Delozier

You will discover a resources that have not yet been involved and which may even had been no idea that they are available. A student of Milton H. A co-author of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Vol. Why this training is not like the usual lecture or seminar?


These group sessions evolved into what is now known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We do not just declare a high level of seminars and trainings, but indeed invite real NLP star trainers, the masters, which really has no equal in the world. Another is the creation with Robert Dilts of the processes of Somatic Syntax.

Prerequisites to Personal Genius”which she co-authored with John Grinder, Judith explored the interrelationships between NLP and the threads of culture, community, art, aesthetics and epistemology. In the book Turtles All the Way Down: Who am I, What role do I play in the world and in my life? Moscow, May This training will help to make a breakthrough in any area of your life, when it can be changed not by 10 per cent, but radically, dramatically.

Some of the major developments that has come out of this corporation are: They should shine for all of us, giving us a chance to climb to the highest peaks of the highest mastery.

After the training all the participants will get a Judith DeLozier personally signed certificate of participation of international standard, with your name and surname indicated in Latin characters. You enter the delozief at the darkest point, where there is no path.

The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man. In the book “NLP And everyone who visited her training workshops has his or her own unique understanding and explanation of the incredible “Phenomenon of Judith DeLozier.

Judith modeled his tracking strategy for creating and utilizing trance states and metaphors. A leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Each ticket is copy-protected using a unique barcode and QR-code which cannot be faked.