Álvaro Yáñez Bianchi, más conocido por el seudónimo Juan o Jean Emar ( Santiago de Chile, Sus obras más destacadas son la colección de cuentos Diez (), las novelas breves Ayer, Un año, y Miltín (todas publicadas en ). Juan Emar has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Juan Emar’s most popular book is Ayer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Juan emar’s ayer: Pataphysics impressions of modernity | This study intends to propose an interpretation of Ayer, by Juan.

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Or, there are hundreds of houses of brown wood. Only every quarter of an hour he would say: His eyes flashed lightning. That lazy green of dawn, when her body in the bed took on a greenish hue, damp from so much love! Then, with those reds, I will make any that are still missing in creation, any that God has planned to make during the days yet to come, reds of fire, of ruby, of flowers and meat, of menstruations and wounds, of shames and glories.

Juan Emar – Words Without Borders

Ayeer, from the moment they exist, they can never stop existing, since if they stopped existing the sudden spark of a match would be enough for. Like so many of my fellow citizens, and many of the fairer citizens of the city who rmar, at that same hour, to walk along that same avenue.


And this hue, upon analysis, has just as much right to live as bronze, the color of sunny days, or the violet of thunderstorms. And we went in. In general, they are slender, tall, graceful; they smile, they lower their lids, they lift their breasts when they breathe. Let us compromise with a grayish green, with the caveat that I have reservations about emaar latter term in aywr. Those reds are not only for your paintings; they are for the whole environment here inside.

As a result, the reds that complement the greens, complement not only them but also your entire studio. But aesthetics belong to us all, and so I must insist. I have no wife or children or relatives or friends.

Books by Juan Emar

I have no more than one, one and only one. Whatever complements, balances; whatever balances, stabilizes—very important, auer making stable! And the green of our friend. Afterwards we both coincided in a coffee.

Very well, I or ema elsethink of a jungle. Let us think about it for a moment, shake up the mind a bit.

From “Ayer” – Words Without Borders

I reached both hands to him effusively, saying in an excited voice: His skin was still firm. Our good friend was shouting like a wild boar. The viewers will leave with their pupils full of senselessness. I reached both hands to him effusively, saying in an excited voice:. Because of the reflection of the vines, his long black hair looked like neglected autumn grass. This is less a studio than the depths of the jungle, or—even worse!


Yes, but, where would I start the first line of the first page of the first volume? This is a grey-green, better yet a greenish grey, and as for the jungle, this room has nothing more than the hue of a young eucalyptus, scarcely green at all, hardly, hardly.

He waited a minute and then, in a confidential tone, he told us, his gaze alternating between my wife and me. When he saw us from behind his canvas, he approached us.

Those of the four elements. And for the balance of the two to continue, those two must create between them a complement, let us say it straight out: It should be mentioned that, having seen the bird on several previous occasions, I can attest that it belonged to the genus Caliptocephalus gayithat is to say, a multicolored toucan with not a single green feather. And immense red flames rise up into the sky, twinkling and changeful, which a second before did not exist.


Where do greens rise up simultaneously, twinkling as well, correspondingly changeful—since every shade of one demands the exact shade of the other—so that balance can be maintained? It is my only pleasure.

What is more, for twenty-four years Ruben de Loa had painted without stopping. All, all of them! It is enough to say it like this.