Learn all about the second version of the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ). In Version , the specification and the APIs more than doubled. The Java Portlet Specification addresses the requirements of aggregation, was approved by the Java Community Process in March as JSR This tutorial on JSR development provides an introduction to portlet programming as the reader is taken through the creation of a simple HelloWorld portlet.

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Introduction to JSR / Portlet Specification ~ Liferay Savvy

How can the portlet get access to these public render parameters? If you want to provide the portlet with additional capabilities, set an object providing access to these capabilities as a request attribute.

After the action and event processing have finished, the rendering lifecycle starts and the portlets can create new markup based on the state updates that occurred in the action and event phases.

The new Portlet Specifications will add functionality that was not addressed in the first version specification, other JSRs were not final at the time JSR went to public review e.

There are many different use cases for serving resources; therefore, there are also different requirements for the ability to cache serveResource calls.

Here Portlets catalog are of use. Public render parameters are another way in IPC.

Note that when you use wrappers, you should stick to the wrapper pattern and only override existing behavior.

This limitation, and many other things that didn’t portldt it into V1. Using validation-based caching is beneficial only if the operations for creating the markup are expensive compared to the operations for checking the back-end state.


The Java Community Process(SM) Program – JSRs: Java Specification Requests – detail JSR#

This extension now portllet you to use the namespace to also crate namespace form IDs if, for example, your portlet is intended to be aggregated in a forms-based portal server. This restriction was done because portlets are aggregated on a page and all concepts that assume that you are the only component on the page are not easily applied to the portlet programming model.

This implementation means that changing a render parameter, for example, requires an update of all the URLs on the page, which the portal cannot perform, as the processing of the response data on the client is done entirely speccification the portlet.

We will use different ways based on our requirement. How would you do this? As an incremental upgrade to the technology, we will be building on the last revision, version 1. The important feature in JSR is Inter portlet communication. View image at full size.

Java Portlet Specification Portler. If the returned content is not user specific, you should additionally specificatoin the cache control to public scope.

There are many open source and commercial Portlets Catalog available but JSR based solutions are rare. This detail was the hard part; now your work is getting simpler: Specifying the shared property enables the portal to use only one version of such shared resources per page. The order of the filter-mapping elements in the deployment descriptor also defines the order of the filters that are applied to the portlet. This servlet, however, was then addressed directly and ;ortlet through the portal framework, so it did not have the portlet state provided, nor was it under the security protection of the portal, as you can see in figure 4.


You can also set an additional resource ID on the resource URL that clearly identifies your resource. As mentioned before, the model is a loosely coupled model where the portal application acts as broker between the different portlets and distributes the events. Note that you need to set this list of modes on each response and that you should enable the container runtime option javax. Figure 5 depicts dpecification solution in JSR Liferay Important Code Snippets. At development time, you define only the data that a portlet understands, and the actual connections between portlets are created at deployment or runtime.

It still requires that the portlet packages these resources in its WAR file in case the portal has not already loaded the resource. JSR allows portlets to send and receive portket.

Java Portlet Specification

The new portlet filter functionality allows you to plug filters around any life-cycle call of the portlet. This practice is common for Ajax applications, which can particularly benefit from the two enhancements that version 2.

These extension points are:.