JCT’s Home Owner Contracts are designed specifically for people looking for the benefits and protection of a contract when appointing consultants or contractors. This contract is for a home owner/occupier who has not appointed a consultant to administer the contract. The customer deals directly with the contractor. Please note that you do not need a subscription to purchase Homeowner Contracts which are only available as pdfs. The subscription service supports online.

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If not at all then it would be best to assume that any bad weather which delays the works jc necessitate an extension of time.

Domestic clients should refer to guidance produced by the HSE, Want construction work done safely? Who will apply for planning homeownerw, building regulation approval and party wall consents. The stages need to be carefully defined and quantified so as to avoid front loading or advance payments from occurring which is largely avoided by payments in arrears for work completed under MW Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Miss these vital ingredients and any project will fail, which in a nutshell is no different with much larger projects.

The services the consultant will provide, in stages, before and after building work starts. Most commercial buildings, such as offices and shopping centres, are built using JCT contracts. The contracts are suitable for use in England and Wales.


A Yes, JCT Contracts are well contrach throughout the construction industry for their unbiased contracts and have a reputation that your contractor will recognise and trust. Interested in the next Webinar on this Topic?


Your shopping basket is currently empty. Where can the contracts be used? How the contract can be brought to an end.

If these things are agreed at the beginning then the potential for disputes is dramatically reduced. In all likelihood it will depend on the situation and how familiar your contractor is with the JCT suite of contracts.

All that is required is to add details of the particular project. Part 1 The arrangements for the work covers: The contracts are drafted in clear, simple language and come with guidance notes. How the appointment can be brought to an end. The JCT publishes two contracts for homeowners carrying out small residential building projects such as extensions or refurbishments, which are a building contract and homeownres appointment for a consultant to oversee the building work.

However the contract does provide for adjudication in the event of a dispute between the home owner and the contractor. Events from this Firm. Q How do I know which contract I need?

Homeowner Contract

Can I print a draft of my contract before finalising it? Q Can I get a refund on my Homeowner Contracts? That is contrat before they are used in a delay scenario which is often not the case, being used more as a negotiating ploy and to manage performance.

All services are Director led with over 15 yrs experience in practice A responsive, tailored service Plain english, pragmatic advice Excellent value for money. Fill in your name and address and that of your builder on page 2 of the contract. Our Vision is Simple Yes, the contracts are available to buy in print from stockists around the country, visit the jctcontracts. Opening the contract using a different PDF reader will corrupt your contract.


The Draft Scottish Budget About this type of contract.

The contracts also assist by acting coontract a checklist for essential items in a building contract. Q Will the site accept my credit card if I live outside the UK? It carries more weight and authority than HO09, a clear example of this being the damages provisions for late completion which are incorporated into MW The contracts can be obtained from RIBA bookshops www. The insurance provisions under MW11 are more sophisticated and provide for a greater range of projects though in the case of a residential occupier the contractor should have insurance in place for the works clause 5.

A Yes, the contracts are available to buy in print from stockists around the country, visit the jctcontracts. There is a cancellation form at the back of each document. Coming to and Investing in the UK. How changes to the works are to be dealt with.

JCT Homeowners Contracts

The architect’s appointment sets out: In practice my sense is that many employers ask their builder to use a certain party yet neither contract makes any provision.

How changes to the services are to be dealt with. The JCT has been producing standard form building contracts for over 75 years which are used within the commercial construction industry.