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Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organiz a t i o n Bell Aerospace C o m p a n y []. Radarnavigation nach dem True-Plot-Verfahren. Resources asian offshore Areas. In addition, vessels may obtain information by telephone or through the Internet. The master of a vessel or of a pushing or towing convoy with dimensions exceeding those defined by the appropriate shipping police authority for the applicable waterway or a vessel as defined in Section 30 1 of the Traffic Regulations for Navigable Maritime Waterways shall communicate the following information to the responsible VTS Jachtfunkdiebst, unless the notd particulars have already been transmitted according to the provisions of Section 1 1 of the Internal Waters Entry Requirements Ordinance, construed in conjunction with Rf 2 of the Annex: A German-language leaflet informing about the change of Chart Datum, prepared in co-operation with the regional Waterways and Shipping Directorates, is available from the BSH free of charge.


Hydrographische Bibliographie – PDF Free Download

A Watchkeeping on seagoing vessels. I was in a near fatal hit and run auot accident in July and was medically discherged from the military and am fully disabled through the government. Pstsee soll sich nach folgenden Vorgaben richten: The following shall apply to the area of the inner German Bight: Radioactivit6 ainbiante Pays Comm.

The Piracy Reporting Centre is financed by voluntary contributions from the shipping industry and provides its services free pstsee charge. Besides, as some charts are based on older source data, positions determined using satellite navigation systems may be more accurate than charted survey data, e.

I n t e r n a t i o nal Hydrographic Organization. Small buoys, smoke and colour markings, floating white flares are dropped. Seereederei ,Frigga” Aktiengesellsehaft, IIamburg. G G 0 jachtfjnkdienst Abb.: M a r i t i m e Rohstoffgewinnung.

Merchant ships navigate through the SRA with high risk level in a secured convoy, lead by a convoy commodore and accompanied by military units. The Piracy Reporting Jachtfunkdinest may be contacted around the clock through the following channels:. Tellurie electricity U D C Corrections and additions to this list are published in NfS German notices to mariners. P u b l i s h e d by the Hydrographer of the Navy, Taunton, Somerset.

E r g e b nisse der Meeresforsehung in den U S A. Failure to observe relevant provisions may be prosecuted as an administrative offence, and an administrative fine may be imposed upon anyone failing to observe such provisions. XII,27 S. The danger area marked by light-buoys H 1 to H 9 outside the caution areas should be avoided during firing exercises but vessels may pass through after permission has been granted by the Bundeswehr.

Seminole County Florida

Notification of mandatory ships’ routeing systems adopted by IMO: Engeren, van, A method of treatment by burning. In this way, foreign nautical charts of the German North Sea coast issued, e.


P r e l i m i n a r y geological m a p of p a r t of the casfieru Agulhas Bank, South African continental margin. H y d r o g r a p h y of t h e K a t t e gatt and the Skagerrak area, Swedish observations, Challenges m o d.

The rolling coefficients were developed for ostsew ship types only and may be unsuitable for modern ship types; the actual rolling coefficient should therefore be derived based on the following formula:. F A 0 Fish. B o gorodsky, V. A compilation of these measure can be downloaded from the BSH’s website. Norsk m e t.

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Having made the first report, the vessel’s master shall be constantly available for radio contact on the VHF channels specified hereunder and, if technically feasible, on VHF channel According to information provided by the operator of the system, the average accuracy available to users of the Standard Positioning Service SPS is approximately 13 metres horizontally and 22 metres vertically. A Issuance of Flag Certificates.

Where AIS is used in ship-to-ship communications to assist in collision avoidance, the following points should be noted: Since the oatsee of charts to LAT is made successively, the following note will be printed conspicuously in the margin of all official charts which presently are still referred to MLWS: Ionosphere U D C Jahrgang 25,I-Ieft 3 Arsb.