Title: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Author: Books, Name: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published: Ilm ul Adad in Urdu & Hindi. Urdu Main Sub Kuch Saleem Ghaffar; 27 videos; views; Last updated on Apr 23, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Ager aap kay naam ka adad six (6) hai to phir janiye apni shakhsiyat, khoobi o khamiyan, maali muamlat, Asma e ilaahi, luckygemstone aur.

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Ap Ka Sitara Konsa Hai? Sure you can, anyone can i can recommend books if you like. This is the number of Love and Romanticism. Thank you and good luck. Salaam Sir my dob 7 January Adav please help me about my career which ureu be best for me. To start with, study the below mentioned books:. What are the Effect of Alpha numeric powers on the body, soul and spirits of living individuals? Ilm ul Adad in Urdu 1 years ago.

Amazing Formula of ILM UL ADAD by an Elder of Sikh Religion – Make One Smile

Lu about guidance towards right path says that this book guides for humanity in their life track to get rid out evils, sins and even in their physical and metaphysical diseases. What brings me here is my interest in learning ilmul adad and ilme jafar akhbari and asaari online. Shadi Kab Hogi Ilm ul adad 1 years ago. These people mostly believe in love mirages but they take mirages casually so their divorce rate is alarmingly high.


Urdu Book On Numbers Ilm Ul Adad 240 Pages

This number is related to holy personalities, holly spirits, adxd and in islamic school of thoughts this number is specially to Prophet Muhammad Sal Allah o Alaih e wa Aal I hee Wasallam and his family known as Panjtan Pak Alaih e Salat o Sassalaam. Each day, we are exposed to numbers. It is also a number of charm and sensuality. They make ways between the hurdles and hard ships of life.

Zero can enhance or de enhances the powers of any number by its own positive or negative state. This stuff is axad , thanks for this , if i want to contat you so how can i make it.

Mostly great and renowned saint, scholars, social activists, states men and Artists of the history and present times are having their fate and personality number is seven 7. I will appreciate if you guide me where can i learn these uloom online and will be thankful if you send me indepth books online version on these uloom at my email. My mother name is azizan bibi. Dam e Tashkhees 7 months ago. AOA Bro, please download our free software Numerology Chart from the products section, it has got answers to all your questions.


Every personal or characteristic name of the Supreme Creator and Lord is directly or indirectly related to the number one. Zero is not considered as a proper number. Numerology is the study of the udu in our lives and how they affect us.

It certainly leads toward a complete commanding life, most of the renowned monarchs, dictators, states men, think tanks and socio economic planners are having their fate and personality number is nine. Who is the creator of these buroojs except Allah?

In arabic, the alphabets are called as Abjadiyah.

Sure Sister, and apologies for late reply, i have been sick lately and could not reply. Share with your Friends. Alpha numeric powers of all numbers are constant and remain same in any case.

I want to know my name number my name is hidayatullah and I was born in india in ananthapur district andhrapradesh state my time of birth is 6: Jadu Kis Kisam Ka Hai?