Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the release of its latest product in its High Psionics line – High Psionics: Soulknives. High Psionics: Learning Centers is devoted to psionic schools and centers for instruction. Within its pages you will find six unique such schools, each detailing. Their products include the highly reviewed Psionics Unleashed, Psionics . High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded $ High Psionics: Fleshcrafting $

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Being involved in a trade where magical means are used to alter the physical structure of creatures of all sorts, Fleshcrafters of all stripes soon realised that practitioners of their art required some means to protect themselves from any fallout from their experiments.

Secret Art of Fleshcrafting

After the portal to their home world closed f,eshcrafting the Khraan had completed their invasion, they realized that one very fkeshcrafting thing had changed beyond their bodies. Your entire body becomes a capacitor for your psychic energy, which grants you more power and a greater understanding of your own capabilities. Centuries ago, several enterprising Alphatian wizards devised a means, using their considerable magical resources, of providing medical aid to soldiers who had been grievously injured in battle – in many cases losing limbs, or suffering severe internal injuries.

As the invasion ended the Eshon family saw their power diminishing and helped form the idea of the Council of Lords to preserve some of their authority.

This spell allows the caster to graft one piece of organic matter to another. This is perhaps a function of requiring rare ingredients; increase costs by x2 or even x3, depending on the extent of the modification.

The user will look, Strength bonus. You join your Fleshcraft Familiar to your neural network, enhancing your ability to simultaneously maintain and use your mental focus and allowing you to react faster to threats by tapping into its awareness of the surrounding area more directly. Your strands can sap an gradually becoming a clear, slimy membrane. This fleshcraft is similar to a familiar and adds certain benefits to you and your form, but its constant bond to your mind also makes it a liability should someone remove it.


High Psionics – Fleshcrafting

This is most similar to a psychometabolic effect such as metamorphosis and most inexperienced people assume that the user of invasive fleshcrafting techniques uses such a power. If it is impossible for You to comply with any of the terms of this License with respect to some or all of the Open Game Content due to statute, judicial order, or governmental regulation then You may not Use any Open Game Material so affected.

Any and all Dreamscarred Press logos and identifying marks and trade dress, such as all Dreamscarred Press product and product line names including but not limited to High Psionics: Fleahcrafting is an enormous bloated 6 High Psionics: If the user wears a normal hood or even a specially fitted helm, these tentacles become effectively invisible. The metabolisms and physiologies that spawned the donors of these fleshcrafts are so incompatible with more naturally occurring life forms that one must forcibly meld flesh together.

Being simple creatures, flesh golems have no reasoning ability, though they can comprehend simple spoken commands. Each mutation takes only one round, and is maintained as long as the caster wishes. You gain the Improved Grab special ability and once you have established a grapple with all of your tentacles, you drain 1d6 power points from a psionic creature each round.

These spells are used mainly to create lab assistants, superpowered guardians, and hideous freaks of nature to show off during the social season. Many if not all Fleshcrafters will “back door” themselves, though: Allows the caster to mutate him- or herself. For every 10 points invested into the Fleshcraft Familiar, the character also gains an additional power point ie psionice for every 10 invested.


When fleshcrafing character reaches 4th level in this class, his Fleshcraft gains rudimentary Entry Requirements To qualify to become a flescrafter, a character must fulfill all of the following requirements. But, the Astral Plane apparently isn’t a compatible environment for it. This spell allows the Fleshcrafter to place his or her patient into suspended animation fleshcrfting the duration of the spell.

Attaching a common fleshcraft requires tools and a lab costs gp and takes one hour for every gp the fleshcraft costs to create. Psurlons in this edition have adapted to life in the Astral Plane ; they actually prefer it to the Prime Materialas this realm of thought is more naturally conducive to most of their psionic experiments.

[Dreamscarred Press] High Psionics: Soulknives

Anyone touched must succeed on a Psionicz 19 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds. Attaching a bestial fleshcraft requires tools and a lab a one time cost of gp and takes one hour for every gp the fleshcraft costs to create.

With a liquefier, the user of crystalic fleshcrafts can hide his crystalic fleshcrafts by liquefying them and reabsorbing them into his body, using psionic energy to substitute it with flesh for short while. Khraan base land speed is 30 feet. You gain fleshcraftiny Fleshcraft Familiar at first level. Allows the caster to transplant organs and other internal body parts.