HASTHAREKHA SASTHRAM IN MALAYALAM PDF – Hastharekha Sastram Malayalam Title: ഹസ്തരേഖാശാസ്ത്രം. Pages: Publisher: Pen Books;. Hastharekha Sastram Malayalam Title: ഹസ്തരേഖാശാസ്ത്രം. Pages: Publisher: Pen Books; Category: Malayalam Palmistry; Availability: Out Of Stock. It was a part of the science known as Samudrika Shastra. The practitioners of this science studied the shape of the various organs of the body.

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And then we will come to what we have learned from our experience and study of the subject. He was a self-described clairvoyant who taught palmistry, astrology, and Chaldean numerology.

Hastharekha Sastram

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A good palmist is duty bound to understand the problem of his client sasthhram to advise hastharskha like a professional psychiatrist. Some western scholars took the Gypsy lore of palmistry zasthram and between the 15th and the 18th century many of the European palmists wrote a number of books on the subject.

Hasta rekha guide pdfsmanualsguidescom, free download hasta rekha guide pdf pdf. Many scholars have authored treatises on Hindu Palmistry based on the ancient Indian texts.


There, he met his Guru, an Indian Brahmin, who took him to his village in the valley of the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

They will not bother about a TV set, furniture or expensive jewellery because these things do not attract them. Skip to content Home. It was the Gypsies who spread the knowledge hwstharekha this science in ancient times.

The Thumb is the third important part of the Hand. Look at your hand as you study the text. Posted by varna at Cheiro belonged to Ireland. Hastharekha Sastram Description Reviews hastharekh Secrets of Palmistry written by world’s most famous palmist Cheiro in a single volume. Hastharekha Sastram Malayalam Title: As mentioned in his memoirs, Cheiro acquired his expertise in India.

Hastharekha Sastram @

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. As a teenager, he traveled to the Bombay port of Apollo Bunder. HTML is not translated! During his career, he was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events. Many of the treatises on Samudrika Shastra are now extinct, but references to it are found in the scriptures which show how developed this science malayaalam in ancient India.


After studying thoroughly for two years, he returned to London and started his career as a palmist. We must discuss the scope of palmistry to the study of which we are devoting our time.


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Hastha rekha Malayalam — YouTube. He also has a soul and a mind which has developed the most as compared to other animals which inhabit the earth. But the harm a man suffers when he hears that something inauspicious is in the offing for hastbarekha, is much greater, because the effect of a forecast of some impending disaster travels from the mind to the body of the listener.

Another cardinal fact must not be lost sight of is that the finger prints do not change throughout life. Cheiro, who took the name Count Louis Hamon, was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century.

Palmistry may have developed in India but most of the research on it has taken place in the West. We would also refer to Samudrika Shastra as the context demands. Hastha rekha sastram in malayalam with photos astrologers free.