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My love for them was I know a genuinely spiritual thing, though inevitably having some physical expression. These flirts are introverted, quiet-natured people who tend to be shy. Both these ladiesmasturbate in the streets, restaurants, railways, theatres, withoutanyone perceiving it.225 A Brahmin woman informed a medicalcorrespondent in India that she had distinct though feeble orgasm, withcopious outflow of mucus, if she stayed long near a man whose face sheliked, and this is not uncommon among European women. The other feelings, which I do not consider as sexual feelings at all, so fill my life in every departmentlove, literature, poetry, music, professional and philanthropic activitiesthat I am able to let the physical take care of itself.

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Baths were here officially recognized as brothels, and this as early as the twelfth century, under Henry II.

He remarks that auseless and false reserve is due to stupidity rather than to modesty.