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God’s chosen delight, thou dulcet, goldensong of the Eternal Wisdom, suffer me, a poor sinner, to tell thee alittle of my sufferings. As a matter of fact, thisconnection is very intimate, so intimate that it takes place in twototally distinct waysby the nervous system and by the blood. When he comes to know the state of herfeelings towards him he should pretend to be ill, and should make hercome to his house to speak to him. I was held up as an evil example to other little girls who virtuously despised me.

I walked slowly towards the bench, watching Ashley pleasure herself intently as her eyes glazed over and her mouth fell open. In many cases there is marked hyperesthesia, or irritableweakness. Stratz addsthat among many thousand women he has only seen one who, together with anotherwise perfect form, has also possessed these excellencies in thehighest measure. But I cannot discover that friendship with younger men can go on uncolored by a sensuous admixture which fills me with shame and loathing. A man may not care to lower his dignity and vanity by putting himself in subjection to a woman, and he might fear she would feel contempt for him.

Such love-disappointments, in a more or lessacute form, occur at some time or another to nearly everyone.

The Tract of the Love of God, written by François de Sales,surpasses everything ever achieved in this direction.

I told her honestly.

Finck, Primitive Love and Love-stories, p. 89 et seq.

Insuch cases the man should rub the yoni of the woman with his hand andfingers (as the elephant rubs anything with his trunk) before engagingin congress, until it is softened, and after that is done he shouldproceed to put his lingam into her.

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