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In France, Clement was employed secretly to attend the mistresses of Louis XIV in their confinements; to the first he was conducted blindfold, while the King was concealed among the bed-curtains, and the face of the lady was enveloped in a network of lace. (UnfortunatelyLove can never be sure of itselfmuch less of anything else. They are exceedinglyvague, and it is not worth while to translate them; but as they aredated it is interesting to watch the poet’s love growing more and morespiritual and religious, to see him gradually deserting his earthly lovefor the Lady of Heaven. Of homosexuality my sole hearing was through the classics, where, with no long pondering, I opined it merely our modern comradery, poetically aggrandized, masquerading in antique habiliments and phraseology. These, far fromundergoing any change, have by the new material been greatly strengthened.

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The hour of death revives the memory of thelove of his youth, apparently forgotten in the storm and stress of acrowded life, yet never quite extinguished in the heart of his heart.

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