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This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Ilm Deen made no attempt to escape. Ilm Din’s execution occurred on 31st October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

His flight had arrived at Lahore airport and he proceeded to phone the police in order to request them to provide him security. Rajpal fell dead on the ground.

When the body of Ilm Din was exhumed from its grave, it was found to be the intact without any change whatsoever. Rajpal shsheed dead on the ground. This case was the only one that Jinnah ever lost.

W by his filthy book! I am sacrificing my life whilst reciting the kalimah shahadah – testimony of faith.

The Story of Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed – CSS Forums

As Iqbal placed the body of Ilm Din into the grave, he tearfully declared: Ilm-ud-din admitted that he murdered in full shaheec.

One day he was passing near Masjid mosque Wazir Khan. The Muslim population was understandably incensed and mass protests were held. Pressure from the Muslim community resulted in the matter being taken to Session court Lahore which found Raj Pal guilty and sentenced him. Muhammad Ali Jinnahthen a prominent Indian lawyer, and later the founder of Pakistan, was then sought to appear in the appeal at the Lahore High Court.


There was a huge crowd shouting slogans against Rajpal.


The kaffan shroud had not changed its colour. The fact that Ilm Din shaheed only 19 years old would have also worked in his favour.

Wednesday, November 16, Hinduism, Sexuality, and Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ilm-ud-din – Wikipedia

Only after Allama Iqbal gave his assurance to the British that no riots would erupt, was permission given. Rajpal entered the shop and Ilm Deen did not notice him but soon someone alerted him that Rajpal was inside. The devil Rajpal has sought to dishonour our beloved Prophet Muhammed S.

We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. Against his wishes, the Muslims lodged an appeal, but it was rejected. Thus Rajpal could not be sentenced as law did not cover blasphemous criticism against religion.


LahorePunjabBritish India now Pakistan. The police arrived at the scene and arrested Ilm Deen. Ilm Deen was deeply affected by this book and vowed to take action. Ilm-ud-din was convicted and given the death penalty according to the Indian Il, Codeand subsequently executed.

Ilm Deen did not know what Rajpal looked like.

Ilm Deen made no attempt to escape. He stabbed his dagger into the chest of Rajpal.

He hid the dagger in his pants and waited for Rajpal at some distance from Rajpal’s shop. Dinn High Court decision was widely criticised and protests were made against it by Muslims of India.

This contention was rejected. The British Raj ruled India and the creation of Pakistan was still a distant dream in the hearts of the Indian Muslims.

Two witnesses from the prosecution side also claimed that he was guilty. He tried to find where Rajpal was through people around.