Spain (present-day Mexico), in , Gaspar Yanga led the escape of his fellow slaves into nearby mountains. There they lived for nearly 40 years, arming and. The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. Happens to the best of humans. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and.

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The Spaniards advanced into the maroon settlement and burned it.

Yanga, Gaspar (c. ?) | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

African tribal marks and their meanings Tignon Laws: Mexican soldiers Rebel slaves Mexican slaves Maroons people. The word “Yanga” has origins in many regions of West and Central Africa, including the Yoruba regions in Nigeria where the word means “pride”.

Yanga and his people survived more than 30 years through farming. Ywnga are fighting for their civil rights as Afro-Mexicans. Maria Valdez September 12, at 8: Yanga, in turn, promised to serve and pay tribute to the Gaspra crown.

Africa and the Americas. Today, the town reportedly hosts the “Carnival of Negritude” every August 10th in honor of Gaspar Yanga.

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Yanga’s terms were agreed to, with the additional provisos that only Franciscan priests would tend to the people, and that Yanga’s family would be granted the right of rule. While the available official reports regarding the history of Gaspar Yanga is sorely lacking, local lore reports that Yanga escaped slavery from the region of the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion plantation in Unknown April 15, at 8: Yanga attempted to broker a treaty.


Yanga and his people built a small marooned colony. In response, Spanish troops marched out of Puebla gunning for Yanga.

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Yanga: An African Prince, Mexican Hero, and Freedom Leader –

Ina statute of Yanga was placed in the town of the same name, honoring him. Gaspar Yanga was one of the first black liberators in the Americas. I really enjoyed this blog. The Olmec controlled this region during its empire over the region BC to BCwhich included the jurisdiction of the current nation of Mexico.

Lamin Jallow October 20, at This article is part of their final examination for an English writing class taught by the editor of this gasppar. Before the end of the slave trade, New Spain had the second-highest number of African slaves after Brazil ; it also developed the largest free black population in the Americas.

The most beautiful girl in the world has been found in Nigeria and she is 5 years old What is that on your face? Curtis Yanva 29, at 3: These people also defeated the French in what is known today as Cinco de Mayo. Mexico and its people have always been motivated by freedom and the overall well-being of the community.

Visit the New Mask Museum in Acapulco. We are all one from the same root.

Infive decades after Mexican independence, Yanga was designated as a “national hero of Mexico” and El Primer Libertador de las Americas. Caribbean descendants in the UK threatened with deportation Remigio Herrera: The dreadful rule that banned black women from displaying their hair 10 Black iconic figures who have white partners. The greatist cover up in history is starting to unravel before our eyes.


He was assigned to work on the sugar plantations. Finally inYanga achieved an agreement with the colonial government for self-rule of the maroon settlement.

Gaspar Yanga

After years of negotiations, inthe town of San Ynga de Los Negros was officially recognized by Spanish authorities as a free black settlement. The Nigerian slave who heavily influenced Cuba as a mystic in the s Why we should never forget that Africa ruled Europe in the 8th Century. A fundamental problem is that Mexico has hardly presented Yanga as a protagonist in its national narratives. Love January 21, at The palenque would no longer ynga slaves, and the Yanga followers would own their land.

Yanga struck an agreement with the colonial leader respecting Spain’s recognition of an autonomous region for the African community. Never miss yabga story from Timelinewhen you sign up for Medium. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yanga—who was quite old by this time—decided to use his troops’ superior knowledge of the terrain to resist the Spaniards, with the goal of causing them enough pain to draw them to the negotiating table. Descendants of the Veracruz palenques say that Yanga gasparr royalty from Gabon.

Sign in Get started. Spain remained unable to rein in the resistance for more than three decades, in large part because of its leader: Copyright – BlackPast.