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Pygmalionism appears to have been not uncommon among the ancient Greeks, and this has been ascribed to their æsthetic sense; but the manifestation is due rather to the absence than to the presence of æsthetic feeling, and we may observe among ourselves that it is the ignorant and uncultured who feel the indecency of statues and thus betray their sense of the sexual appeal of such objects. Many a monkearthly love being denied to himwas driven to apurely spiritual, metaphysical love by the fact of his being permittedto love the Lady of Heaven without hesitation or remorse. I hope that my attempt to unravelthese long and tangled threads will be found to make them fairly clear. 163 It is interesting to observe that finally even Adler admits (op. Iallude to the way in which the more favorable side of the primitiveconception of the menstruating womanas priestess, sibyl, prophetess, analmost miraculous agent for good, an angel, the peculiar home of thedivine elementwas slowly and continuously carried on side by side withthe less favorable view, through the beginnings of European civilizationuntil our own times.

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