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Nations attach the idea of beauty toeverything which particularly characterizes their own physicalconformation, their natural physiognomy.” Homosexuality, mingled with variousother sexual abnormalities and excesses, seems to have flourished in Romeduring the empire, and is well exemplified in the persons of many of theemperors.43 Julius Cæsar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero,Galba, Titus, Domitian, Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Commodus, andHeliogabalusmany of them men of great ability and, from a Romanstandpoint, great moral worthare all charged, on more or less solidevidence, with homosexual practices. It may be added that Partridge mentions one case in which the hands blushed. Till 8 years old she was my chief playmate. A group of golfers founded Tavistock in 1921 to evade blue laws in nearby Haddonfield that banned sports on Sundays.

The morestrenuous Romans, at all events as exemplified by Juvenal and Martial,condemned masturbation more vigorously.347 Aretæus, without alluding tomasturbation, dwells on the tonic effects of retaining the semen; but, onthe other hand, Galen regarded the retention of semen as injurious, andadvocated its frequent expulsion, a point of view which tended to justifymasturbation. This is the view now widely accepted by investigators of sexual inversion. Ashley’s dancer figure had never looked more beautiful than in the little white sundress she had on this morning.

I shall discuss the emotional life of only one other poet in detail, andthat one is Michelangelo.

He jotted down his number and handed it to me.