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The marriage proved a most unhappy one, they being utterly unsuited to each other in every way.

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viii) Mantegazza returns to this subject, and remarks that long experience, while confirming his early opinion, has modified it to the extent that he now believes that, as compared with men, the sexual emotions of women vary within far wider limits.

This can be bad because, sometimes we drive each other on into emotional spirals with no end in sight.

My breasts were full and round, my stomach flat. He adds that thisscience is very far from being constituted yet; we have hardly evenobtained a glimpse of it.

“D. used to come to our house to see my younger sister. In China, a missionary describes how, when he was called upon to marry the daughter of a Chinese Christian brought up in native customs, he was compelled to wait several hours, as the bride refused to get up and dress until long after the time appointed for the wedding ceremony, and then only by force. It’s always hard to tell how serious people are about this stuff but I’ve mentioned it again and now it’s all booked in and actually happening in the next couple of weeks!

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