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Her attitude of refusal isequivalent, that is to say, to that which in the human race is typified bythe classical example of womanly modesty in the Medicean Venus, whowithdraws the pelvis, at the same time holding one hand to guard thepubes, the other to guard the breasts.9 The essential expression in eachcase is that of defence of the sexual centers against the undesiredadvances of the male.10 Stratz, who criticizes the above statement, argues (with photographs of nude women in illustration) that the normal type of European surprised modesty is shown by an attitude in which the arms are crossed over the breast, the most sexually attractive region, while the thighs are pressed together, one being placed before the other, the shoulder raised and the back slightly curved; occasionally, he adds, the hands may be used to cover the face, and then the crossed arms conceal the breasts.

In the light of this higher intuitionsensuousness was bound to appear base and degrading. Metaphysical eroticism is a product of the spirit of Europe, for it islinked to personality whose will is the immortalisation of love. Elsewhere (Ueber die Sexuelle Konstitution) Löwenfeld says it is only among the upper classes that sexual anesthesia is common. While in pre-pharmacy, I was trying to keep my grades very high so I spent much of my free time studying, hence the reason for the request in decline of my working hours.

It may be recalled that in the twelfth century when Abelard became tutor to Heloise, then aboutyears of age, her uncle authorized him to beat her, if negligent in her studies. Thisinnately democratic attitude renders it easier for them than for ordinarypeople to rise to what Cyples has called the ecstasy of humanity, theemotional attitude, that is to say, of those rare souls of whom it may besaid, in the same writer’s words, that beggars’ rags to theirunhesitating lips grew fit for kissing because humanity had touched thegarb. Jack looked at her for permission, and she was just able to perceptibly nod yes. It is now,however, regarded by some as the first serious attempt to deal with theproblem of homosexuality since Plato’s Banquet.115Some years later, in 1852, Casper, the chief medico-legal authority of histime in Germany,for it is in Germany that the foundations of the studyof sexual inversion have been laid,pointed out in Casper’sVierteljahrsschrift that pederasty, in a broad sense of the word, wassometimes a kind of moral hermaphroditism, due to a congenital psychiccondition, and also that it by no means necessarily involved sodomy(immissio penis in anum).

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