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But the great season all over Europe for these bonfires, then often heldwith erotic ceremonial, is the summer solstice, the 23d of June, the eveof Midsummer, or St. John’s Day.140The Bohemians and other Slavonic races formerly had meetings with sexuallicense.

My father evidently suspected me when I came home, and a few days afterward told me that it was very dangerous to have anything to do with women, that I should wait until I was older, that when a boy became a man he ought to have a woman occasionally, and that if I ever had a nasty disease I should promptly tell him so that I could be properly cured.

This is not only because neuroticsrepresent a very large proportion of humanity, but we must consider alsothat the neuroses in all their gradations run in an uninterrupted seriesto the normal state.

This would also leave time for them to completely enjoy their new found sexuality with each other.