FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle. Michael A. Stackpole, Author. Bantam Spectra $ (p) ISBN In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior or the betrayer of the world. Once one of the grandest of human. Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole – book cover, description, publication history.

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Will starts the book as a street urchin and thief, and he possesses according personality. As well as the overall story. Actually, ‘Fortress Draconis’ is the second book of ‘The DragonCrown War’ Cycle, but since it takes place 25 years after the events of The Dark Glory War and gives quite a lot of explanations about events of previous book, so one can begin the series with this book. Fantasy novel series High fantasy novels. There’s no vicious struggle fortrezs kings ready to cut each other’s throats for power; however, even though they are united by they war with Chytrine, one can clearly see that the countries dtaconis have their own interests in mind and put their own goals above all the dracons.

That being said, this was quite enjoyable, and I continue to enjoy his take on “classic” fantasy races. Getting the files is simple.

Three childhood friends Leigh Norrington, Tarrant Hawkins,and Rounce Playfair are joined by a newcomer Naysmith Carver as they are sent out into the forest to prove themselves worthy dracobis earning their adult masks to replace their recently received moonmasks.

Mass Market Paperbackpages. Kerrigan Reese, on the other hand, is very powerful and talented mage, daconis since he was raised with minimum social contacts he is almost helpless outside his study room. Stackpole By Michael A. Kerrigan and his new tutor also travel towards the fight trying to prepare magics that will help the battle and recruit the dragons to their cause. There Will gets in a debate with the sullanciri version of his father as they both try to recruit the race of Dragons to their sides.


She then begins to toy with Resolute and the rest but Resolute resists, rediscovering his true self. It also brings him together with Kedyn’s Crow, a shadowy human warrior, and Resolute, a Vorquelf determined to redeem his dracois island home. Views Read Edit View history. The words of the prophecy are printed in every book on the pages before the story starts. What makes podcasting so unique and user-friendly is that the sound files can be delivered via an RSS Really Simple Syndication feed.

It should be draconiss to provide forrtress balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

The totality of the story balances out to be just, “meh. Cathy attacks Fortress Draconis again and this time kinda wins. Trivia About Fortress Draconis Later he is summoned by the Grand Magister and decides to go.

I gave this book pages out of its something to convince me to keep reading it. It spends absolutely no time world-building; you’re just thrown straight into the deep end lore-wise without a life line and advised to not drown.

Fortress Draconis: The Podcast

Temmer makes the user invincible in battle but will eventually cause the wielder to lose his sanity. Will power-mad Chytrine be successful against crenellated Fortress Draconis, steal back the pieces of the DragonCrown, become Empress, and destroy the southlands?

I love the set of main characters he has set in this story. To them, Will could be the fulfillment of a long-held dream and the last chance the world has to save itself from Chytrine, the northern tyrant who would be empress of the world.


The New Math It leads them to an old Vorqelf who has been protecting the Vorq fragment for centuries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes, the most exciting thing about the characters in the first 50 pages is that “Will” is actually “Wilburforce”.

Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole

Later on Vorquellyn, Magic created by Kerrigan and Isuara channeled through Force eliminates Chytrine’s corruption of the elf homeland. Way too late for me to start caring. If the Dark Glory War was predictable, its sequel is “fantasy by the numbers” all the way.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Rdaconis in Touch Sign up. If you’re a fan of everything David Eddings and Terry Goodkind have written, then this may appeal to you. If only I could write a battle scene like he does.

Fortress Draconis: The Podcast |

He is the most powerful mage in a generation granted powers that a human hasn’t possessed in centuries. Michael A Stackpole at Dragon Con Eraconis, the first character you meet, is propelled into adventure unwittingly and constantly fights against his destiny. The problem is that it just ends and leaves no obvious frtress to continue without spending a significant amount of money.

Chytrine also knows this and sets a trap during a meeting with her sullanciri generals. A stone man that stalks the north ensuring peace for the south.