Trompenaars Cultural Dimensions Model, also known as The 7 Dimensions of Culture, can help you to work more effectively with people from different cultures. Fons trompenaars Cultural Dimensions. 1. Sinem KüçükyılmazGamze Saba Berlin School of Economics and Law Intercultural Communication. TROMPENAARS CULTURAL DIMENSIONS • Trompenaars and Hampden- Turner () classified cultures along a mix of behavioral and.

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Its Swedish competitor took a week to get to know the customer. Management International Review, Vol.

Trompenaars’ model of national culture differences – Wikipedia

In an internal direction culture, people believe that they can control their environment to achieve their goals. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful communication tool. Examples of diffusive cultures include China, India, Argentina, dimensoons Spain. Hampden-Turner, Charles and Trompenaars, Fons.

Internal versus external control regards to acting with or against the environment. The key concept of guanxiin Asian business is by now known worldwide. dimenzions

As hard as it was a decision had to be taken and the manager promoted tormpenaars of the candidates by selecting him based on some recent achievements. This is an trompenaats consequence of collectivism relationships before taskbut it also contributes to a long-term orientation and paternalism.

While a universalist places a high importance on such laws, rules, values and obligations, a particularistic would evaluate circumstances first and then decide whether the rules apply. People often approach each other informally in both the public and private space. Understanding and Managing Cultural Differences. Specific versus Diffuse Cultures 3. It could result in work not being actually completed.


Fons Trompenaars Model of Culture

The two sets of measurements indicate basic difficulties that any culture has to deal with but for which solutions are in dispute. The question is, though, whether IBM,which has a powerful US-derived organization culture, may have socialized its employees so powerfully that their values do not reflect aspects of local nationalcultures.

Someone from a universalist culture would be wise not to dismiss personal meanderings as irrelevancies or mere small talk during such business meetings. Skip to main content. As such, in these cultures work colleagues socialize with each other outside of work more. These cultures tend rrompenaars be schedule focussed and direct and to the trompeaars in their communications. The seven, universal dimensions of cultures are: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Is the environment a threat external or is ccultural sensible to move with the factors that are caused by society internal?

They are similar in some respects and different in others. No assurance can be given that this list is complete.

Trompenaars’ model of national culture differences

Auditing and changing the culture of organizations. Examples of ascription cultures include Japan, Italy, and France.

Seven Cultures of Capitalism. Nevertheless, some other authors including Kenichi Ohmae Borderless World and Theodore Levitt Globalization of Markets argue that national borders are diminishing and that the world should be regarded as a whole and not consisting of different countries with various cultures.

A sequential time culture is the one in which the people tromepnaars events to happen in a dons order. IV – Conclusions One of the weaknesses of cross-cultural analysis is in real life, cultures do not have strict physical boundaries and borders like nation states. In an ascription culture, status is based on who or what a person is.


Four dimensions cannot tell the whole story. Deadlines are important and are strictly respected. Standards and values are important and can only be departed from after consultation.

Attitudes, Values and Organizational Culture: Thus, it is the responsibility of the individual to act in ways which serve society. People from a diffuse culture attach great value to formality. For instance, project management techniques and training packages have been developed almost exclusively in individualist countries, first of all in the USA, and are based on cultural assumptions that may not hold in collectivist cultures.

This is because within individual countries there are cultural differences from one region to the next. An example of these specific and diffuse cultural dimensions is provided by the United States and Germany. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

People in a diffuse culture will therefore protect their private space because this will provide easy access to the public space.

Riding the waves of commerce: Beverly Hill, CA, Sage. This could be ximensions of your social status, your education, or your age.