Request PDF on ResearchGate | Epidemiology of scorpionism: A global appraisal | The scorpionism is an actual public health problem in several parts of the. Chippaux, J.P. and Goyffon, M. () Epidemiology of scorpionism A global appraisal. Acta Tropica, , doi/opica Chippaux, J-P.; Goyffon, M. Acta Tropica (2): Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal. The scorpionism is an actual public health.

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A sixty-two year-old woman presents to the emergency department after opening a package containing a coat bought online from Uzbekistan. Correct species identification is a pre-requisite for antivenom therapy. The following information was collected retrospectively: When the grades of our patients were examined according to age range, it was found that 45 Worldwide there are over species of scorpions distributed over all continents except Antarctica.

Oc average age of our patients who were followed up for less than 24 h was However, further studies are required for this suggestion to be included in a treatment algorithm.

The grade I and II patients were followed up for an average of 20 hours in our clinic, whereas, the grade III patients were followed up for an average of 36 hours. In our study the average age of our patients was According to the study of Altinkaynak et al.

The majority of the scorpion stings are more prevalent in summer than in winter [ 1719 ]. The purpose of this study was to offer the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of patients with scorpion sting and to determine the efficacy of antivenom treatment in the management of these patients. The average age of our patients was When assessed based on site of the scorpion sting, it was found that 54 Our study is retrospective, and some of the patient data could not be obtained, which restricted the results of our study, such as the activity being undertaken at the time of the sting.


In our study, We also think low doses of antivenom treatment could be beneficial in patients who are resistant to symptomatic treatment and do not obtain relief with narcotic analgesics. In general, mild symptoms should be controlled with analgesics and antihistamines, whereas patients with systemic symptoms should be administered antivenom [ 27 ]. However, length of stay of the grade III patients who did not receive scorpion antiserum was shorter than grade III patients who received scorpion antiserum.

Treatment can be divided into two parts: Patients aged 18 years and over who were admitted to the ED for treatment due to scorpion sting were included in the study. Many authors have emphasized the importance of earlier and better treatment in managing patients [ 2021 ].

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Your email address will not be published. Although, scorpion stings commonly involve the upper extremities in Turkey Emergency physician with a passion for Wilderness Medicineemergency ultrasound, echocardiography and health management. When classified based on age range, 57 37 women, 20 men of the patients were in the year range, 26 15 women, 11 men were in the year range, and 15 6 women, 9 men were 65 years of age and older.

Scorpion venom may cause local effects such as pain, heat, edema and systemic effects respiratory failure, cardiovascular toxicity, hemolysis, renal failure within the first 12—24 h after the sting [ 24 ]. A randomized trial comparing intravenous paracetamol, topical lidocaine, and ice application for treatment of pain associated with scorpion stings. The management of scorpion stings, especially those including antivenom treatment, remains a subject of controversy.


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Diagram of the patients treatment with antivenom. Furthermore, we observed that even though scorpion antiserum can have serious side effects, the administration of a low dose of antivenom relieved severe pain that was not relieved by symptomatic treatment or narcotic analgesics.

Scorpion sting cases are subject to seasonal variation all around the world. After trying it on, she immediately feels pain globla her left hand.

Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal – Wikidata

The most venomous species appear to be L. Thirteen of the 19 patients who were administered scorpion antiserum received one vial of antivenom, two patients received two vials, one patient received epidemilogy vials, one patient received five vials, one patient received 20 vials, and one patient received 25 vials. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Beck Lethality Scale Antivenin.

When patient admissions were examined by month, 29 Skip to search form Skip to main content.