At the higher end of the market, DVDO also sold the iScan VP50 and VP50 Pro. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again. The DVDO iScan VP is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub. This device converts standard or high definition from the user’s DVD Player, VCR, PVR. John checks out the DVDO iScan VP50PRO – a tasty THX Video certified and HDMI enabled video processor.

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A cruder version of this is the Edge Enhancement EE filter. It still needs some work audio glitches, aspect ratio, some features like the overscanbut it’s probably the best deal for the cash at this point in time, particularly for anyone needing HD de-interlacing. I would expect that the reason behind this gp50 that most i content has fairly good cadence locks.

For those with projectors that will not change the aspect ratio of material sent over an HDMI link, this is a life-saving feature that enables the use of an anamorphic lens for 2. These headphone-like connections allow you to control external equipment, such as opening and closing your front projector’s screen, controlling a motorized anamorphic lens, or even dimming down your ambient lights.

Details were extra ordinarily crisp. However, even when I fed iacan plasma interlaced sources, it did pretty good on its own. Essentially, matching these two halves will help to optimize performance.

This device is THX certified.

How much of a difference? The image that was processed by the VP50 was cleaner and more attractive than the direct connection from disc player to projector. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. dvdi

DVDO iScan Vp50 Model Mm605 Video Processor

If you wanted to change a Technically speaking, some of the VP50 Pro features were originally intended for the VP50 hence the v50 of a model number increment to something like VP60but could not be fitted into the VP50’s more limited hardware specification. Please explain the problem you are having. Go to Home Page. Audio-Video Hub Use it as a hub to provide audio-video switching that allows you to access any source signal on one display.


I’m still convinced, dvdp course, that processors should get the source material as closely as possible to the original content i.

Feeding SD content to such a display, particularly one that has letterbox marks shows clear ringing that is the result of a less than ideal scaling algorithm.

It should be noted that the unit senses 3: Many people already have a terrible DVD player that they want hooked up and improved upon. For those unfamiliar with the VP50, see my original review in January of this year.

As a hub, this unit can provide audio-video switching that eliminates lip sync and allows you to access any source signal on one display. This allows you to quickly switch from your plasma to your projector analog vs.

The VP50 also adds a few more toys, some of which I found to be useful and some that require more work. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

ABT should hire a designer to get out of the rut – practical boxes are out and good looking pieces are in. ABT has been hard on the heels of these issues, and they hope that the upcoming firmware releases will mark them a historical footnote. Committed gamers who want their games to look their best even the old i consoles and play lag free on their high-end home theaters will appreciate the VP50’s dedicated deinterlacing capabilities.

The Gamma Correction feature is a new addition that gives you the ability to change global gamma settings mostly useful for projectors or individual color gamma values mostly useful for. The only way to get the unit to stop combing was to put it in Game mode. Consider a p projector equipped with this device. In my tests, at the Low setting, this produced quite adequate results and did give an apparently sharper image.

This puts the VP50 as the forerunner for SD de-interlacing. There is one way to take advantage of the new HD audio formats with the VP The two algorithms definitely behave differently. Something that ABT has not improved upon in quite a while is the scaling algorithm. I can’t think of where this might be useful.

Of course, given a less rigorous scaling ratio e. Since there aren’t any HDMI 1. But the VP50’s processing takes image quality up a few extra notches, resulting in a crystal-clear picture with astounding detail. Once native rate mapping had been tested and I calibrated the display, it was noticeable that the VP50 needed a slightly elevated brightness setting on its analog and digital inputs.


DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor Review

However, there are quite a few situations where you can’t really conform to that requirement. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. How well does this work? The HD “Ducky Lucky” algorithms take the ABT and push it slightly further – they further reduce vo50 already tiny number of cases that I watch a display and mention how bad the image looks.

I remember not too long ago when using the video mode was my equivalent of water torture. This feature, which came out after our last VP50 review essentially tries to correct a common phenomenon: The VP50’s right rear panel. Isxan The VP50’s left rear panel PReP – Some devices such as certain cable and satellite receivers will only output a progressive-scan signal, and a lot of them do not have high-quality deinterlacing necessary for pristine home theater.

The area where the VP50 “should” iscxn is i video mode.

As the Pioneer plasma supports 72 Hz, I tried this, but saw no real benefit projector owners will iecan see a slightly better image with less judder. A nice addition that users have been asking for in recent years, is an alternate silver front panel for the unit. The implementation here is mostly a proof of concept, which shows that the unit is capable of such features, but that the missing ingredient is still not there PC software to customize the graphs, or preferably on screen menus to control each point like with the Dvdoo and Pixel Magic products.

The anamorphic lens vo50 then squeeze the data down to 2. This would have allowed us to use the unit to improve display calibration from good to perfect, albeit with a reduced color range i.

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