The DELTA XTEND System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, . DePuy Delta Xtrend prosthesis has been designed using the lastest scientific, . Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System: recovery, function, and survivorship. 1. DePuy Delta Xtend tools; From DePuy Delta set – “Delta Extras” set. Impactor handle with simulated wood grip; Ball impactor head; Cup impactor head; Humeral.

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Prior to making an incision, a formal timeout will be performed by the attending circulating nurse, and anesthesia team. Make sure that there isn’t any soft tissue that may become trapped between the metaglene and glenoid sphere. All other components are intended for cemented use only. The manufacture recommends power reaming but CTA patients often have soft bone and power may be overkill and dangerous.

If deelta are looking for medical information about the treatment of shoulders, please visit shoulderarthritis. The Tornier often has a nub on most posterior and superior part xted humeral component.

Proceed with locking all variable angle screws used. Then slide the reaming guide into the reamer holder and depyu the two parts together by firmly tightening the upper round handle. The largest 42mm glenosphere is recommended by the manufacture if the size of the joint allows to increase both the overlap and the range of motion. The screw depth gauge can also be used to assess optimal screw length.

Academic Bibliography

To obtain optimal compression of the metaglene plate on bone, alternate tightening of the superior and inferior locking screws. Repeat the same steps for the superior locking screw. For eccentric glenospheres, the vertical laser mark on the trial glenosphere should be aligned with the base of the coracoid superiorly and the depu neck inferiorly.

Inspect the exposed portion of the humeral component for cement and remove as necessary. Do so by inserting the hex head tip of the handle in the corresponding plate hole right or left depending on the shoulder being operated upon and lock the assembly by tightening the internal rod. For example, if a 12 mm intramedullary reamer and a 12 mm cutting handle were previously used, select the 12 mm proximal reaming guide.


Securing the free end prevents it from falling onto the sterile field when prepping. If you are a patient, click here.

This device may obstruct visualization of the glenoid but it allows for the DePuy Xtend forked Homan to lever on the humerus with less chance of crushing it. Cofield Smith and Nephew Prostheses.

ROM of the operative shoulder should be measured and recorded on the board in the following order: It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, moving the scapulo-humeral joint center of rotation medially and inferiorly. Remove the stop drill and the central guide pin.

Impact the trial implant by gently tapping the implant driver handle and remove the driver, leaving the trial implant in place.

Which Medical Device is a community of clinicians sharing knowledge and experience of the devices and procedures we use on a daily basis. The implant orientation should be checked by making sure that the arm is held at 0 degrees of retroversion and face of the prosthesis is lined up with the axis of the body.

You may need to use a clipboard to support the head if using the RA table or Beachchair attachment. Drive the proximal reaming guide down until complete contact between the metal block and the resectioned bone surface is achieved. The primary surgeon will mark the coracoid and a line from the coracoid down the deltopectoral interval.

CTA bone is often on the soft side so make a note of not over reaming.

Reverse shoulder prosthesis / cementless – Delta XTEND™ – Depuy Synthes

The anesthesia team and ortho team should work together to tape the patient’s head down. Biomechanics, Clinical Techniques, and Current Technologiesed. The surgeon may use locking or non-locking screws in the anterior or posterior holes. Check that the internal tightening screw is unlocked It should rotate freely. Please use depta url to cite or link to this publication: Joint tensioning and stability assessment should dela performed with particular care, using the following manufacture’s guidelines:.


If surgery is for rotator cuff arthropathy, it is likely that the long head biceps will not be in its anatomical position. Make sure that the proximal handle of the instrument is not tilted superiorly. Excess cement will extrude from the canal and should be removed before curing is complete. de,ta

If necessary, remove the inferior retractor or sepuy the capsular release. After the two initial drapes are placed delfa the head shoulder and over the waist, one drape is place over the chest and feet.

Remove the resurfacing reamer, leaving the metaglene central guide pin in place. Select the appropriate proximal reaming guide size. Incising into anything medial to the lateral border of the conjoined tendon can result in musculocutaneous nerve injury. Check that the trial restrictor is firmly seated in the canal, then remove trial. Use the humeral cutting guide from the old DePuy Delta set to mark the cut angle on the humeral head.

The reamer is also power compatible, but CTA glenoids often are too soft for power. If you choose to lock your screws onto the driver, you will need to loosen the locking inner screws of each locking screw and retighten the outer screws. The glenoid component is uncemented, using screws for primary fixation.

DePuy Delta Reverse Shoulder Prostheses

All the principals of Professor Grammont, which are proven to be clinical effective by many medical centers with a follow-up of more than 15 years, are included. The internal screwdriver rod should be removed prior to handing tool to the surgeon. Place the trial articular surface and reduce the joint.