Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal .. dec__diapdf · dec__diapdf · dec__pdf · dec__pdf. El bloque de Diputados del Bloque Justicialista, que encabeza el salteño Pablo Kosiner, presentó un proyecto de ley para derogar el decreto Nº / G. E. de Rondônia, ” Decreto nº , de 01 de julho de “. The International Noise Awareness Day in Brazil-its development, guidelines.

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Provides essentially that the net surplus has to be utilized for the interests of the members and for increasing cooperative’s self-help capability. The pastor said so during an awareness mass on Section 3 of Chapter 2 concerns land improvement projects undertaken by agricultural cooperative societies.

An Act of Parliament to make provision concerning the constitution, registration and regulation of cooperative societies.

The Commission, set up for a term of three months, is responsible inter alia for evaluating the economic and social aspects of the cooperative movement, suggesting ways of overcoming obstacles to cooperative work, and studying the draft amendments to Cooperative Act No. Consolidates and amends the law relating to co-operative societies with objects not confined to one State and serving the interests of members in more than one State.

Provides for amendments to Rules 29 Election of members of the committee30 Election of office-bearers of the committee and 31 Removal of members of the committee.

Contains 26 sections definitions, scope, duties, creation of the special negotiating body, election, involvment of employees, etc. Kerala Co-operative Societies Rules IX of 28 May on Cooperative Societies revised version. Provides criteria to allocate the development budget to programs’ implementing operations and regulates the use of the land by cooperative societies as 793 as by their members. Provides for the establishment of cooperatives and repeals the Co-operative Societies Act, El primer trimestre, a cargo del Teniente Rolandone.

  IEC 60898-2 PDF

The works are worth over Reasons for withdrawal of membership may include: Agrarian Reform Law No. Provides for the creation of cooperatives in the State of Andrha Pradesh.

Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal

The Cooperative Societies Act. Fisheries cooperatives activities given in Chapter IV. Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. Bill for Formation of Farm Corporations. Lituania – Cooperativas – Ley. In his opinion, a stronger link between commercial banks Provides a pattern for cooperative development in urban areas to increase and strengthen their roles and functions.

Financial system is given in Chap. Iraq – Cooperativas – Ley. The accomodation facility was built with the support of local The classrom school has two offices for the managing board, an area for teachers and a football field.

Attached to the Law is the Cooperative Societies Charter which governs the registration and administration of cooperatives. Provides regulations regarding registration, formulation of by-laws, administration, disputes, and dissolution. Regulates the distribution of net surplus among members.

III, respecting agricultural co-operatives [establishment and formation of co-operatives, approval of their constitutions, self-management, general meeting, mergers, splits, transformation and winding-up of co-operatives and contracts of employment].

Provisions related to the civil law.

Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal

The Co-operative Societies Regulations. Italia – Cooperativas – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. They also dereto Land Development Banks. Establishes KUDS as centers of economic services in rural areas, develops and strengthens them so that they can fulfill the responsibilities of rural communities, manage themselves and play a role in National Development. Gives cooperative societies the power to include in its rules and regulations for fines or penalties from its members for infringements of 790 rules and regulations and for the liability of third parties who do not abide by the co-operative marketing contract.


Know edcreto our Commercial Contact. To apply for the establishment of cooperatives, the following documents shall be necessary: Provides essentially for government control over the cooperatives and their federations.

Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Amendment Act Legislative-Decree on consumers’ sales and purchasing cooperatives No. Joint Decree of the state minister of cooperatives and small-scale and medium-scale enterprises and the minister of national education on cooperatives and eecreto No.

Jordania – Cooperativas – Ley. Law on cooperative companies. Para el 9 de julio se encuentra con la escuadra en el puerto de Buenos Aires, participando de la revista naval del 10 de ese mes. Kenya – Cooperativas – Ley. Part 2 regulates establishment and rights of cooperative societies.

Dissolution of cooperatives is given in Chapter IX.

To this end appointed officials may -at any time and without prior notice- inspect the books and files of the organizations subject to the Act and carry out such other duties as may be assigned to them by the Deputy Secretary for Cooperative Affairs.