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The truisms have been so bought into that many have been immortalized into a book called (what else?

The head is full and gorgeous.

Paul stood nude before me and proved he knew how to remove a woman’s bra as he cupped my already hardened nipples in anticipation for what would surely come soon.

For a little while the habit took the shape of an exalted passion, but I rapidly tired it out by rough, thoughtless, and too impatient handling.

In a similar way I have been told of a man ofbrilliant intellectual ability who very seldom has connection with a womanwithout getting her to compress with her hand the base of the urethralcanal to such an extent as to impede the passage of the semen.

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Cohnstein (Ueber Prädilectionszeiten bei Schwangerschaft, Archiv für Gynäkologie, 1879) also suggested that women sometimes only conceive at certain periods of the year. 160 Guttceit (Dreissig Jahre Praxis, vol. “The appeal of the balsam of their arms is then less insolent, less cynical, than at the ball where they are more naked, but it more easily uncages the animal in man. He paused when he heard her moan. My attraction to these women was very strong, but I don’t think they knew it.