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The factor making this provision in a more or less direct way isthe excitation of the sensible surfaces of the skin and sensory organs,while the most immediate exciting influences are exerted on certainparts which are designated as erogenous zones. Martineau wasinformed by a dressmaker that it is very frequent in workrooms and canusually be done without attracting attention. These friends should bring to the notice of the girl’s parents,the faults, both present and future, of all the other men that may wishto marry her, and should at the same time extol even to exaggerationall the excellencies, ancestral, and paternal, of their friend, so as toendear him to them, and particularly to those that may be liked by thegirl’s mother. (Rivista Sperimentale di Freniatria, XXX, fasc.

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As Stanley Hall notes, children are fond of biting,though by no means always as a method of affection.

The second night I met her she allowed me to kiss her as much as I liked and promised all her favors for the third night. And lastly the work which theKing’s wives have to do should not be too fatiguing.