jDLMS is a Java implementation of the DLMS/COSEM protocol. It can be used to develop individual DLMS/COSEM client/master and. based communication while DLMS is a binary protocol. This document provides overview of COSEM modeling of metering devices, addressing and DLMS. The open smart grid platform supports DLMS/COSEM (IEC ]. DLMS/ COSEM is a popular protocol to read smart meters. DLMS/COSEM is the de facto .

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You may want to take a look at the source code of the ConsoleClient or the ConsoleServer which is part of the distribution.

The content of this device may vary, but it must at least have a list of all logical devices inside the physical smart meter. Many meters offer an optical interface at the front of the meter. It has the the ID 0.

IEC – Wikipedia

Only bytes C and D are mandatory. When changing the global encryption or proticol keys one has to wrap the new key before transmitting it. The library is licensed under the LGPL v2.

Logical name referencing is recommend and is more commonly used.

Microstar Electric Company Limited

The referencing method needs is negotiated during connection build up. IEC or currently IECwas an international standard for a computer protocol to read utility meters.

You can execute it using the jdlms-console-client script found in the folder run-scripts. Dedicated encryption key A temporary session key that can optionally be used instead of the global encryption key by encryption mechanisms.


Defines the medium e. The hand held unit then sends a sign-off message.

DLMS / COSEM | Open Smart Grid Platform Documentation

The part is protoxol by some specific selective access parameters. The distribution contains a fully functional protocoll build file build. The client sends the password to the server for authentication. Occasionally a manufacturer will invent a new quantity to measure, and in this case, a new or different data type will appear in the meter definition. License Agreement You must accept the license to download this software.

Short Name Referencing The second way to address an attribute or method is by means of the so called short address. C Defines the fosem of physical data items, related to the information source e. Optionally a client may send a so called dedicated key i. The physical media are usually either modulated light, sent with an LED and received with protcol photodiodeor a pair of wires, usually modulated by a 20mA current loop.

The server address consists of the physical address and the address of the logical device. The dedicated key is then used instead of the global encryption key for the remaining communication of this connection.

The algorithm takes both the global encryption key 16 bytes as well as the authentication key 16 bytes as inputs. Obis code for each of its objects. First both client and server exchange protocool strings e. In this case both client and server are authenticated.

Then both use cryptographic algorithms on these challenge strings and send the result back. If the parameter required is in low security group, a password authentication of the HHU is required before information can be read.


The address space of short addresses is not standardized like the logical names, meaning that the same address can lead to different objects on different devices. Keys Several different keys exist which are used by the different security mechanisms. A library needed for security algorithms.

The Blue book describes the COSEM meter object model and the OBIS object identification system, the Green book describes the Architecture and Cosemm, the Yellow book treats all the questions concerning conformance testing, the White book contains the glossary of terms. It is designed to operate over any media, including the Internet. The six bytes have the following meaning:. Until recently only one encryption mechanism also called security suite existed.

It is one part of the identification of the object. Lowest Level Security 0 No authentication is used. Short addresses are used for small devices and should only be used if the connected smart meter cannot communicate using logical names.

In case of high security parameters,the meter challenges the hand held unit with a cryptographic password. The authentication mechanism is the mechanism by which client and server authenticate each other during connection build up.

The channel number allows to differentiate between different inputs e. The logical device address is sometimes called server wPort or server SAP. Retrieved from ” https: